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Think of the best yoyoer in the world in you opinion besides Hiroyuki Suzuki, who would it be. I would say my fav. Yoyoer in the world is Paul kerbel for 1a, Ben conde for 4a, and takeshi matsuura for 5a. So who would you say?

Why not Hiroyuki Suzuki?

I don’t have a favorite. Is that ok?

Uhh I wouldn’t put Hiryo Suzuiki in the top 10 personally. Jensen hands down is the Tiger Woods etc… of yoyo. Also Ben Conde is SICK. They both just have that swag that makes them better than the rest and stand out so much more. Same goes for Jon Rob for 5a.

This type of thread caused a problem a while ago.

I’ve seen Hiroyuki Suzuki do all 5 styles and do them amazing, but he obviously prefers to compete in 1A. With a 3-peat for 1A Worlds and multiple Japan titles, he’s clearly on top of his game and a top ranked player.

Back on topic for a better discussion:

There are 5 major styles. Shouldn’t there be a “who’s best” on a per style basis? Right now, we seem to be concentrating on 1A, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Or should we look at a “best in general”, someone who shows mastery in multiple styles, preferably all 5? There’s some answers for that question as well.

It’s all a matter of opinion.

Right now, the man walking around with the proverbial target on his back is Marcus Koh, the 2011 1A champ. I disagree with his win. I won’t say it wasn’t a good performance, but he had many changes and I felt it was more “speed banging” than anything else. But I’m growing tired of this style of play, and as much as I like Hiroyuki Suzuki, again, the speed demon stuff tires me. Again, opinion, but based on what I saw of Mickey for his 2012 win, he’s adjusted his style for the current rules, but I don’t think it’s gonna win Worlds. Then again, I could be wrong. I can say he will place high regardless.

I saw a recent video of the Japan 2012 4A winner, and he has some serious potential of going 2 in a row in my opinion.

Also something else to stir up problems:
Why do we equate competition with “best”. Granted, we have a judged score to say “we say best” going in their favor. Is there more to this than competing for points and prizes? What about those who give back, including those who never compete?

I think this is easier just to say “This is who I like the best at the moment” and maybe some brief discussion as to why you feel that way, and then the next person could post their favorite and why.

I don’t really have a favorite. I have a lot of likes. Each one brings something different that I can pull inspiration from or a reason to keep going at this hobby of throwing spinning discs on a string.

IMO the best yoyoer is Jensen Kimmitt, but the one with the most difficult tricks i think is Guy Wright

Even the comparison in this statement is true. High five.

Its difficult to point down a single best yoyoer as best is hard to define.

It terms of players that I see as most well rounded competition wise though, I would throw out Naoto Okada. He has placed into the finals of every division at Japan nationals at one point or another over the years, and while most know him for 4A, he is really well rounded:


The correct answer to this question is Shinji.


Ok, 1a 2a 3a 4a 5a all of the known styles

Hank freeman from what I’ve seen is a very well rounded player.


Or Chris Chia.
He does every style, except 3A I believe

truth ^

13 wyyc trophies don’t lie.

Can’t believe no one has said Yuuki Spencer yet. Absolute competitive monster and he innovated so many concepts and moves it’s ridiculous. People talk about how influential Jensen is and how everyone’s got a bit of his style in them now, but everyone’s been looking to Yuuki (directly or indirectly) for years and years.

jensen kimmit

Takahiro Iizuka, Jensen Kimmitt, John Narum