Who is the best yoyo player in your opinion

Jensen kimmitt

Tyler Severance

Guy Wright
though i dont know why he doesn’t do as well in competitions ???
he’s really good !

Tyler Severance.

nuff’ said.

Hiroyuki Suzuki is the best yoyo player in the world because he won so many competitions and he has awesome skills and he wears glasses and he has 4 signature series yoyos and he’s awesome I talked to him on facebook and because

Yep. Undeniable.

andre!!! best ever. (whell in my oppinion)

^ well obviously andre is awsome
in terms of pure skills jensen kimmit
2a Shinji Saito hes one like 9 times in a row at worlds in 2a


5 signature yoyos.
Triple Jam

I think the best all-around player is Josh Yee.

triple jam?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

its a old yyj from like 4-6 years ago

I second this. But, for 1A, IMO, is Ryota Ogi.

I was gonna say 5, but was too scared because I’m not sure if it really was his signature series yoyo…

Yeah. Thanks for the info my good friend and super awesome OMG yoyoer Jump. :smiley:

Technicly, it’s wasn’t his full signature yoyo. It was a joint signature yoyo between Mickey, Ben Conde, and Shima I think? Hence the name, “Triple Jam”.

Shinji Saito

well i have differents for each division. so for 1a Yuuki Spencer

Johnny Delvalle.

Best ever.

1a Gentry or Jensen

5a Tyler Severance all the way

1A: Yuuki, Jensen
2A: Patrick
5A: Tyler, Miggy