So who is the best yoyoer?

Person: Gotta be Jensen, look at how often he has won 1A at all the different contest, the guy is a machine, with epic style.
But is 1A the only style of yoyoing good sir?

Person: Ryota Ogi! He is the fastest player out there right now!

But is speed everything? Best at speed yes, but what about other things besides speed?

Person: Adam Brewster, that guy has such creative stuff and his flow is EPIC.
Flow yes, but does he have speed? Again, is 1A everything?

Person: Shinji Saito! He does 2A, and is also really good in other styles as well!
Shinji is a 2A machine, great 4A and 1A yes, but how is his 3A and 5A?


It seems common in this time that when someone thinks of “best yoyoer” they automatically confine this title to 1A, I don’t know why, but I can say that there is much more out there besides 1A.
It is also common to think that just cause someone is doing amazing at contest, that makes them “the best”. I don’t know about this though, doesn’t that just make them “the best of the judging system”?
Others will say its all about who has the most flow, well that’s the best of the flow then. Same with speed.
Creativity is big yes, but is that even everything?
We seem to think best, is only confined to modern days, what about the yoyoers of the past?

You know guys, you know that little saying that we have that there is no “best” yoyo? I think we can also change the “yoyo” part of that statement to “yoyoer”

Think about it.



DUDE! you forgot STEVE. He invented the Die, but does invention make him the best. ;D. I’m a Mega Steve fan if you couldn’t tell.

Good point. though, and I think we honestly need to change this whole “who is the best?” idea with “who do you like best?” Personally using your yoyo anallogy I like the California possibly more than any yoyo I have thrown, possibly more than any I ever will. WHY? I just love everything about it. Is it the best ever. Many would say no what about Gnarwhal Severe … I could make a list that goes on forever, but I’m lazy. Point is we each find things we like. Many like Jenson Kimmet many like Andre … another list you get the idea, but smart people like many individual for their individual parts of awesomeness.

1a: Jensen Kimmit, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Andre Boulay, Eric Koloski
2a: Grant Johnson, and some other Japanese champs
3a: Asian champs
4a: Tsubasa Onishi, Bryan Figuroea, John Narum, Rei Iwakura
5a: Miguel Correa, Takeshi Matsura, Tyler Severence

These are not put in order. They are all world or national champions and are elite. They all have their signature tricks and its hard to decide. Just pick your favorite based on opinion.

Yo homie take a deeper look at what he’s saying. Best to often comes as a matter of opinion. What about the Old School masters who do the unbelievable when you consider :o NO BEARINGS :o. That’s an art you can not overlook!

Great post Josh. This is a post this whole forum really needs. There is no best, just your favorite.

If one person could get 1st in Divisions at Worlds then he or she is truly the best.

Best of the judging system good sir.

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zack gormely

Thanks for saying exactly what Josh said.

Anyway. I feel like I should take this oppurtunity to ask.

Josh, what does your Sig say?

Team 2yo

hmm, well drew tetz is cool. Also 3a isnt owned by just “asian champs”. What about Hank Freeman, or drew tetz?
and for 1a, what about John Ando, or maybe kengo kido, or possibly guy wright? All creative people.
Also, I think that people who do every style, such as Grant johnson (I think), or even josh yee! are very extraordinary people!

Oops, lol, I just deleted it. I just spammed this thread with that post, lol.