Best yoyoer of all time

Who is the best EVER?

coughJENSENcough In my opinion

My opinion(s): Andre Boulay, Zach Gormley, Dylan Benharris


Pedro Flores.

We all wouldn’t be here without him.


this thread again?


This thread isn’t going to fly as a poll. Although there are probably many threads out there with similar questions and the answers will be rehashed (except new members, who haven’t contributed to those threads yet!), the only possible way to phrase the question is, “Who is your favourite player?” Variations might include “…and why?”

I haven’t seen nearly enough players… and those that I’ve seen sometimes I’ve only seen in small bursts. Saw this Palli trick that made me go “boogidyboogidy”, but I don’t think I’ve seen a complete performance of his. So who’s to say? No matter who you name, there are another 50 players you’ve never had the opportunity to see in a way that blows your mind.

So you saw a few tricks by Drew Tetz in a video here or there, but never really looked into his catalogue of tricks and performances in order to give recognition. Yet Jensen’s 2010 World’s performance knocked your socks off so you went out of your way to watch every video of his that you could find. Does that mean Jensen is “better?” Nah, it just means that circumstance had you down a particular path of research and fandom. Even if you’re asking, “Which player has consistently landed the most technically complex tricks of all time?” a bunch of us would respond with, “Who cares? Let’s ask who has the best rhythm and entertaining performances of all time!”

Me, I love watching Augie Fash performances. I could watch Ed Haponik for a good while. Like many of you, I went a bit nutty for Jensen’s 2010 World’s performance. Most yoyo videos get kind of samey, but then someone like Adam Brewster comes along with some art-directed stuff that’s just great to watch.

My favourite yoyoers to watch? YYE forum members, whether they’re pros or guys just learning stuff. Not trying to suck up to the general populace or anything, just telling it like it is.



Best yoyoer of all time would be Y.O.U
Everyone tries to do their best, whether it be winning contests, perfecting their own style, creating thousands of tricks, etc.

Now keep in mind that’s just my opinion, I believe every yoyoer is equally skilled at the same level once they’ve created and or perfected their own style. Not every style will when contests, as far as I know mostly tech wins but that doesn’t make you better than a person with a slow-smooth-elegant style.

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Yo, its not even that serious.

really though if you had put in Jensen kimmitt, augie fash, and Paul Hann we would’ve had a stumper and it wouldve been a WAY better thread

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I’ve been served… and I’m OK with that. :wink:


I often feel that Yuuki Spencer is objectively more masterful at 1A yoyoing than anyone else.

 It really depends what you mean by 'best' because as GregP said it could also mean who is your 'favorite' yoyoer although 'best' could mean who's contributed the most to the yoyoing community, who's had the most world titles or who's had the biggest effect on crowd performances as well.  Basically the word 'best' has various meanings so there could be several 'best' yoyoers.  There are also a couple of names you've missed out (I know you've got an 'other' section) like Dennis McBride, Paul Escolar, Steve Brown and as others have mentioned, Yuuki Spencer or Shinji Saito.

jake bullock…as in he’s the epitome of what i think is yo yoin’.



1-Jensen Kimmitt
2-Yuuki Spencer
3-Takeshi Matsura
4-Hiroyuki Suzuki
5-Jason Lee
Just my opinion

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That depends on what super you want.

this guy.

'nuff said.


Jensen Kimmit…just yes

How did I know you were going to post that?