forever the funniest freestyle

My favorite freestyle so far… REALLY FUNNY! WATCH! Rei Iwakura 2009 world contest 1st ap freestyle ;D FUNNY!
post if you have any good comments and win thank -you’s :slight_smile:

That was amazing and random. I love how that one judge was laughing the whole time and Rei ended up giving him the end fan.

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You know that judge on the right end was the one who had seen all the youtube videos Rei got his material from… Like the matrix guy…

The best part was the JD part…

All in all… My new favorite AP…With Steve Browns famous AP a close second

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loved it! ;D ;D ;D ;D

His freestyle was REALLY good, but to break it to you I wanted John Higby to win.

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I wanted Higby to win, but I can see how Rei won. It was a great freestyle!

yea and he got pieces from other people freestyles and made a great freestlye of his own

definitely the best combination of funny and skill I’ve seen so far! lmao.

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No, this is.


rolling on the floor laughing!!! THAT WAS SO FUNNY.

Wonderful ! There are a lot of great players today, but the ability to entertain with yo-yos is rare.


I concur. This was absolutely hilarious! Great concept.

It was awsome how he took parts of other people FS and put them together. A great way to remember some of the great freestyles of the past…