Whats your faveroite worlds video?


Whats your fave world yoyo contest video?
Heres mine:


Haha, it didn’t even show the best part. Some confetti got caught in the chandelier and he used the one yoyo with the super long string to get it down. It was awesome. My favorite freestyle was probably either mickey’s or jon rob’s.


Heres a few of the winners of 2008:

John Ando: (1A)
Takuma Yamamoto: (2A)
Hiroki Myamoto: (3A)

Rei Iwakura: (4A)

Takeshi Matsuura: (5A)

Thats all, but, finally, AP:

John Higby:

(Connor) #4

Thats just weird. I wouldnt do all that stuff, id just go up there and do my tricks.

I dont really have one, they’re all cool! :smiley:


i say mine is the same as wilba’s.

(Colerbird (FRIDGE)) #6

That is my new favorite!


Here’s my favorite worlds video…


no more questions,that’s it. i love speed tricks anyway that’s why.


Your World video suck! >:(  (JK!)

Paul Han owns all!


My favorite worlds is probably Yuuki Spencer 2002


I like this one. Shinji is fast! :o

Happy Throwing! =]


hears my favorite vid from worlds 07.

Steve brown


That Steve Brown clip is pure win ;D
Besides that, my worlds favourites are Rei Iwakura’s AP’s and Taiki Nishimura’s 2006 4A freestyle.
No links, because they aren’t too hard to find on YouTube.

The most outstanding contest clips I have seen are from 2008’s Asia Pacific,though. Lim Aik Hwee’s 4A and Sojun Miyamura’s 5A performances beat 95% of all the other contest clips. :wink:


Beat that guys, Yuuki Spencer!  :smiley:

Happy Throwing! =]

(Connor) #14

Whats the song and yoyo? His shirt says Superstar so im thinking maybe a Superstar? I really want to know the song and band though ??? :slight_smile:


The Superstar yoyo shirt doesn’t mean that Yuuki is playing with his yyf Superstar yoyo. Yuuki is on team YoyoFactory and its just a shirt that he wears it for yoyo contest.

Happy Throwing! =]

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #16

Here is mine… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmt9xqBfY30


John narum is awesome! I agree! He went to my Elementry school!

(Connor) #18

Surely he won 1st place! :D.


Nope, he got second. Rei Iwakura won.


This is officially my favorite offstring video. That was crazy!