Best YoYoFactory Worlds Momment


Just for fun, choose your favourite momment at worlds from the YoYoFactory!


Pat Mitchell and Mickey show even the best can make mistakes with syncronised errors in the greatest F.A.S.T. challenge final EVER

Yuuki SPEED 2007

Yuuki becomes the 1st person to win worlds on a metal yo-yo and the 1st person to win worlds with a hubstack yo-yo with one of the greatest freestyles of all-time.

Kid Wins Car
despite being too young to drive Ethan Bein wins a car in the FAST Challenge!

Ando changes the game 2008
4x USA national 2x champion redefines a winning 1A freestyle winning worlds with his 2nd ever 1A freestyle!

Augie gets air
2007 World Yo-yo Contest, a mere 20 seconds into his 5A routine Augie launches a massive aerial, that never comes down after the yo-yo tangles a lighting fixture 25ft in the air!

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Yuuki’s was my favorite.

(Jesse) #3

Definitely Augie’s lost yo-yo. It’s so funny he just shrugs and gets another yo-yo. The next time his yo-yo knots up and he just throws it off the stage and gets a new one. He’s just funny.


Yuuki was the first to win Worlds with a Metal?

Yuuki Spencer 07, Epic…


Augie gets air


Mongo, you’re nuts. Stick to swimming.
Yuuki is the best that ever was in 1A. If he puts his mind to it, no one can beat him. The question is, will he put his mind to it?


As much as I love the chandelier launch and as great as Yuuki and Ando’s freestyles were (no comment on Ethan Bein >:()…

The Mickey vs. Pat FAST Challenge is possibly my favorite contest moment of all time


havent seen them


Augie gets air was awesome!

Happy Throwing! =]


I still think Ando’s freestyle was just off-the-wall sick.


Ugh, Ando’s and Spencer’s fs’s were amazing!

But I laughed so hard when I saw what happened to Augie! That was awesome!

(ed) #12

i honestly think i took more joy from watching pat v. mickey than i have from any yo-yo related moment.
so raucous.



Launches a yoyo 25 feet into the air and tangles it with the lighting.

Knots up a yoyo, and throws it off stage, get another yoyo and makes a great performance.

Funny, entertaining, and good yoyoing.


I don’t think Augie’s thing has enough entertainment for a long enough time. Sure, you get five seconds of laughs, and you’re done.

Now, Yuuki in 2007 was revolutionary.

(JonasK) #15

Pat vs. Mickey was incredible


Pat Vs. Mickey.

I Like to watch two “Great” Players and Their Sponsored companies. YYJ and YYF.