And your 2012 World YoYo Contest 1A Champion is...

Hiroyuki Suzuki!

2nd- Marcus Koh
3rd- Christopher Chia


Where can I find the results?

I posted the second it was announced. So, I don’t think theirs any full results but here’s a pic of the scoresheet thanks to YYF’s amazing contest coverage.

I found a better picture of that on C3’s page, but thanks. Peter Pong got 5th  :slight_smile:

I’m really glad hiroyuki won. He got 2nd for like 4 years in a row? congrats to him!

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Another bearing plug…

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Do you feel compelled to buy 50 bearings? I know I do!

My eyes watered when Marcus turned to Hiroyuki and saluted him. After so long Hiroyuki finally one (which was obviously very emotional for him). And Marcus is like the nicest person in the world. Seeing those 2 side by side was amazing.

I’m really glad Hiroyuki won. He really deserved it. His style is so unique and amazing. He’s been my inspiration since I started yoyoing.

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I haven’t watched any vids yet of the contest but did Mickey change his routine? Seems like he does almost the same thing every year. that could cause lower judging. Maybe not. He is an awesome yoyo for sure. I just wish someone that has never won like Chia could have won it though.

basically his new routine he used for AP this year as well.

but still!!! it was super amazing!!!

I see Hiroyuki Suzuki using a lot of the same elements time and time again. He does mix it up.

The LiveStream, well, I won’t comment on it. My internet connection has been in the toilet and that could be contributing, but then the feed hasn’t been great, especially when the commercials come in no problem for the most part. As a result, I really couldn’t watch anything. I’ll wait until tomorrow and then download the Top 3 for each category(plus any other favorite players in any category) and save to the media server.

I’m glad he took it. I was NOT pleased with Marcus Koh winning last year, I just didn’t feel he played to the same level as Mickey. I won’t go into the judging standards, there’s always gonna be controversy anyways. What happened, happened and everyone was OK with it, so that’s fine.

At the same time, with Marcus Koh placing 2nd this year, it shows he’s not some fluke or one-hit wonder either. He and Mickey just traded places from last year. Interesting and neat at the same time.

Congrats to not only all the winners, but to those who made finals. I hope they all feel that their hard work was worth it!

Hank had ALMOST the same freestyle and he still took first.

I am so happy for Mickey and finally winning worlds and back on his throne!

He came out with new style of choreo in his routine, really interesting matching of beats, as well as many new tricks some of which we saw at Japan national.

He was in the zone, and it payed off.


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What Jayyo said.

For the most part, yes…there are times where he used the same tricks, but he did make things interesting by putting in a lot more new tricks and more interesting elements. You know the old phrase: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Mickey’s tricks can still score a heck lot even if he’s used the same trick for the past 6 or so years.

I’m very happy for Mickey for winning Worlds. I almost teared up when I saw him cry when they announced the winner. I can see that he was hungry and he wanted to win, and it paid off and he got what he deserved.

I also look up to him a whole lot because he’s the person who got me into yoyoing.

So I’m happy and proud. :]

BTW, what’s a bearing plug? O__O

I was personally rooting for Marcus, I’ve been a huge fan since his Tribute to China video. I was a bit disappointed at Marcus not winning, however, Mickey really worked hard and definitely deserved it.

Also, where can I find a video of the award ceremony?

Just watched his routine via YYF’s video. AMAZING!! Total change-up. I mean, I saw a lot of same stuff again, but his choreography was absolutely spot on. Plus the new elements. With what I saw in his Asian Pacific and Japan finals, I was kinda worried. No worries, he always brings his A-Game and this time he would not be denied!


Marcus Koh is an amazing person. I was bummed when he won last year because I was pulling for Sebby. After talking to Marcus this year and watching the way he conducted himself, he is one of the nicest, sweetest people I’ve met in a while. I’m a big fan of his now and I will continue to pull for him in the future. Great kid. I was riding up the elevator with him after he took second and a random person on elevator goes, “Are you here for yoyos? Did you win?” Marcus, so ecstatically and so happily goes, “I got second!!!” He was so excited to have placed second, didn’t care he didn’t win. Genuine appreciation for yoyoing. Rad guy.

Kinda funny, someone did.
Just finishing up the last 20 today.