Should have won.


Hey guys! So I’ve got an interesting topic idea. There’s always one of those comments in a thread about a recent contest saying “X should have won.”

Well I want to start a thread and give people an open place to discuss their disagreement with the placings of recent, past, and future contest. So let’s start these discussions!


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I’m not going to say he should’ve won because I haven’t watched finals vids but I will say I wanted Mickey to win :smiley:

(2Sick Joey) #5

I liked Ahmad Kharismas FS a lot but that switch out I think should’ve been enough for Iori Yamaki to win. I personally felt Mickeys FS to be rather bland and I would’ve put a couple others ahead of his.


So we had a kind of repeat of the 2011 world yoyo contest, with Marcus koh having a switch and Sebby going clean.

I usually find mickeys FS kind of bland, but impressive to watch. Just not my style. They seem too robotic.

(2Sick Joey) #7

I just seen that Iori Yamaki and Ahmad Kharisma were separated by .1 of a point. That’s insane. Yamaki should’ve won.

As far as worlds 11, I felt Koh shouldn’t have won but I didn’t feel Sebbys freestyle was all that special either. I don’t remember many of the top players that years FS but personally either should’ve won.


I was just trying to find the results, but I can’t find the 1a results. Knowing that the difference is .1, I agree. If someone goes clean and someone doesn’t, the clean should win if the score is that close.

What about Luis and Gentry at BAC 2013? I don’t feel like they should have tied. I think Gentry’s freestyle was better, even if by only a small margin.


In 2011 MK’s freestyle was way ahead of Sebby’s, but there was way too many discards to be a fully legit victory


I won’t use the words “should have won” myself, since modern judging is very thorough and that would be implying that the judges made a mistake, which I don’t believe they have.

That being said, I was slightly dissapointed that Alexis JV’s routine at worlds last year was only enough to earn him a 13th place.

I mean, I understand why, since his technicality isn’t as high as a lot of other players, but he was so clean, so many suicides and the like. Seeing a Mickey that’s making tonnes of mistakes and swapping out two yoyos still placing 3 places ahead was slightly dissapointing for me.

Like I said, I understand how the judging system works, so I get why he placed where he did. Still, it just felt wrong.

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Ahmad’s and lori’s freestyles were both insane and I do think Ahmad deserves to win.


“should have won” is a silly discussion. The people who won, did so because by the judging criteria laid out, they had the highest scores… so THEY should win.

Any argument otherwise isn’t about who should or shouldn’t win… it’s about the judging format… which apparently some people want to be insanely biased.


It would be cool if there could be some sort of “crowd favorite” freestyle award. Problem is that it just becomes largely a popularity contest at that point. Still, would let people have their voice be heard.


Exactly what Kyle said. Exactly.


Well, I think I should have won it all, because we all know I should have. Just being humble, but I really am the best.


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I’ve had the same idea, but the crowd might get out of control and like you said it would be based on popularity. But still it would be interesting maybe at some less competitive contest.


I’m kind of surprised Sebby placed so high in 2011. I didn’t really see anything to make me think “Whoa, this guy’s getting top 3!”


Ben Conde if he didn’t mess up any of his tricks in 2011worlds


but he did