Worlds 2016 General Discussion Thread

Who’s excited?!

Question for those who have been before, what are you hoping to see in Cleveland? I put full trust in Steve Brown, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.

Feel free to ask any questions, share any predictions, or whatever else you see fit!

Excited to see what CLYW is releasing :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to go and meet everyone!

I was JUST about to post this same thread! <3

i super stoked even though ill only be there for a short time. It looks like as it stands now that Ill be in attendance the first half of thursday, and all day saturday. Hopefully i wont miss too much. Curious about the after parties.

Also please note that WE ARE THROWERS will NOT be shown. (sad panda) Looks like its been replaced with a Welcome Party. I may make it to that!

My wife is also coming and she is not into yoyo at all, so I made plenty of vacation/sight seeing plans to keep her happy and occupied, this is also why in not there all 4 days. :slight_smile:

Here is a pic that will help people recognize me. Please if you see me, come say hi!! Also note that my dreads have been trimmed back to just past my shoulders :smiley:

I hope all you guys have fun! I was planning on going but then stuff in life didn’t go well and other things got in the way. Best of luck to those competing!

Does anyone know what AP division is? ???

Stands for artistic performance. It’s usually a group a people performing a routine together.


You should look up Shaqler 2015 WYYC, their rotine is amazing!

I just started a new job this year, so I’ve got no vacation time :frowning:

However, I am allowed to travel for business, so I’m trying to get something lined up in the Cleveland area at that time. You know, for business reasons ::slight_smile: :wink:

Lol nice! Hope you can make it!

flight and room set.
early-summer pre-worlds stoke engaged.
excited to throw with anyone and everyone!

Anyone interested in a YYE forum meetup at some place at some time there?

So pumped to go. This will be my first time at Worlds. I hope to see some of you there!

This. Just watched all of Harrison’s old recaps.

Is there a lot of B/S/T’ing?

I have to fix my boat and that means “bust out another thousand”.
NO Worlds for me this year, always wanted to go to the land of cleaves.

I was wondering this too…

IDK but at Illinois State there was quite a bit but there were no vendors so it might be different

There was quite a bit at Nats last year.

A few people have mentioned a YYE meetup of some sort. I imagine the most amount of people will be there Saturday (finals day), so that seems to make sense. Anyone have an idea where?