2018 World Yo-Yo Contest Coverage Thread - Shanghai CHINA 🇨🇳

(André Boulay) #1

Thought it would be fun to have a thread we can post/share updates about Worlds as it happens in Shanghai China!!!

First of all @yyfben2 has been posting some great stories and live videos (and it looks like he will be doing some cool interviews with a microphone he has setup - looking forward to that!

Wild Card Results are up (already saw some names I am VERY excited about including one of our locals out here @remybaskin!)

You can see the schedule here (there should be a live stream coming… Will post in this thread when we get details!)

@Ann is posting on her youtube with some very cool experience videos:

And of course everyone’s favorite @Evan_Nagao shared this video as he is preparing:

Feel free to add/comment and share anything interesting that you find online. :blush:

(André Boulay) #2

Link to LIVE STREAM available here:


(InvaderDust) #3

Awesome! <3 thank you!

(André Boulay) #4

Stage is looking on point! Small room though. Ben has live video showing the area - crazy.

(André Boulay) #5

Nate Dailey 1A Prelim. :exploding_head:

(André Boulay) #6

1A Division Prelim Results!

It is GREAT seeing so many people from United States represented!!!

Who are you most excited to see advance?!


interesting results. Tons of Chinese players knocked out, especially in 1a and 4a, Japan starting to show their dominance as expected. Nice to see iori and Takeshi make it through, cool to see a lot of US players too. Ann missed out on the bubble in women’s division though.

And hajime with that W over Tsubasa Onishi :open_mouth:


I’m a little bit sad to see Luis knocked out, he’s been doing so well the past couple years


Man I was quite surprised with some of the other divisions results especially the women’s division and 3a. In women;s I would have thought that Veronika Kamenska would have surely at least gotten top 3, she’s gotten to finals at freaking EYYC, it makes me wonder what happened with her prelim. It’s also kind of a bummer for me too that ann didn’t make it to finals, she always puts on a performance that’s enjoyable for everyone not just yoyoers. I think for the finals for women I’ll root for hobbit to take another title or rei torita who is also excellent. 1a prelims was awesome as well! I was happy to see connor seals get 2nd in prelims, and andrew maider making it to semis, I would like to see him in finals, but I know at the worlds in Iceland he didn’t make it through so i would like to see that changed…

(André Boulay) #10

Agreed - Luis is one of my FAVORITES. He was throwing the new K’EDGE too - would have been neat to see him advance. I still think this is one of his best freestyles from years past:


I’m excited about the return of Takumi Nagase (1999 World Champion) in 2A


I LOVED that freestyle- he’s one of my all-time favorite players

(André Boulay) #13

Videos are getting posted already on yoyovideoarchive - great quality!

Andrew Maider killing it! :fire::fire::fire:

(ClockMonsterLA) #14
  1. Why don’t I see Evan Nagao’s name?

  2. Why is Ann Connolly playing for the Czech Republic???


Evan Nagao is seeded into the semis because he won US Nationals. WYYC champion is seeded into finals, National+ champions are seeded into semis, top 10 nationals are seeded into prelims.

Ann is playing for Czech Republic because that’s where she currently lives. I believe she is studying there.

(ClockMonsterLA) #16

Re: Evan Nagao, that makes sense!

Re: Connolly, that’s right, I forget she’s living in Prague at the moment. Is she a Czech citizen?

(SF Yoyos) #17

Connor :heart_eyes:


I’m with Abby that Veronika missing women’s finals is the biggest surprise so far.

(Ken) #19

She did 5a, that’s why. She’s more proficient in 1a.

(Ken) #20

Mir Kim (10 year old) destroyed the stage at prelim, the crowd got so loud lol.