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Just wondering how Worlds is for you guys! I’m on vacation in Daytona and I can’t afford to go which kinda stinks.


I got 5 minutes of stream before my ISP tanked. I called, I got 2 minutes of stream before it tanked. I called again, I got 5 minutes of stream before it tanked.

Forget just the stream. Access to anywhere is bad. It’s not the streaming site being bogged down, it’s my connection being pure crap.

I might have to skip it, wait for my friends to text me updates and pictures and then wait for YouTube to be populated with amazing videos.


I’ve been hoping for some new yoyo news/specs/impressions to start popping up. Haven’t really seen much so far.


Because everyone there is having a blast and forget about all of us schmucks stuck at home! :’(

(SR) #5

They’ve had how many years in Florida and they still can’t get an HD or moderately decent feed? I sound ungrateful for what is available now, but it’s pretty much unwatchable.

Anyways, for the first day of the WYYC I’m throwing around my favorites at home while keeping updated: One Drop Rally, General Yo Majesty and Model 10.


I kinda lied… I actually have enough to get in for one day, but my uncle’s friend offered me around 700$ worth of old yoyos and accessories for 50$. He has a bunch of old difs and stuff, so I couldnt pass that up! He wanted his stuff to go to someone who would use it. I can make sure of that! :slight_smile: So for me, it’s either yoyos, or yoyo contest.


This is because the persons running the feed is probably using a standard def camera. They also have it too close to the speaker and it’s overloading the microphone.

At any rate, I can’t even watch it. My ISP sucks. I’m grateful I can even get this forum to load most days. I’m grateful for even Google to load, it’s that bad here!


I would love to see someone do an HD live stream through youtube. That would make it super simple to stream to my TV through my AppleTV.


Stream is bad. I wasn’t enjoying.


I heard Harrison had a killer prelim.


Hopefully in Europe and Japan they will have cleaner streams than this


I don’t think I’d call this a stream. More like a slideshow that sometimes refreshes.


From my work in the past with major backbone providers, Florida is a bit “left behind” as far as technology and broadband speeds. Most hotels are on older infrastructure. The good thing is that thanks to Disney pushing everyone around, the whole Orlando area is being stepped up. The real issue with the facility is they are using a T1 and are feeling it adequately meets the needs. It COULD but with all the other people there hopping on the pipe and no priority for the stream, well, there ya go.

It only takes 384Kbps to handle NTSC broadcast video with stereo sound. That’s not a whole lot of bandwidth, only about 8 DS0’s worth.


So, what does everyone think about Sebby using a Barracuda for his prelim? Possible sponsorship coming, or just using the yoyo? What do you guys think?



Good player uses good yoyo. Done.


Anyone care to spoil what the SE throw is? I’m on a plane heading there right now,be there in about 2.5hrs but I can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:


I figured. Just thought it was interesting, so I brought it up.


I wish I could be at worlds, it seems like a lot of fun. Anyway, I can watch it from here just fine. I must be really lucky because I live in a small city in Kentucky and the street I live on was just recently added on to another street a few years ago. There are telephone poles on the part of the neighborhood that’s always been here, but on my part there aren’t so I can’t get wired cable internet through Time Warner or At&t. I have to get wireless through a small company that everybody complains about. I pay 50 bucks a month for 3MB per second and 250GB of data. I actually get about 5 to 6 MB per second though. Anyway, with this small wireless company that everybody complains about I’m able to play games like Madden and NBA2k for cash online without having to worry about losing connection or lag, and the WYYC stream is working fine for me. I agree that it would be soooooooo much better if it were able to play in HD. Even 480p would be a welcome improvement. The biggest problem I have is that I can’t get a NAT type other than 3 since I’m not on a wired connection.


Drew Tetz posted a video of late night dancing on the worlds stage and it looked like a lot of fun… I would say can’t wait till next year but its in Prague soooo yeah. Also I was in SHOCK when I saw Harold didn’t make it through. Placed 4th last year. He said he’s deathly afraid of prelims so maybe that’s it. Also very impressed with Harrison’s prelim. I think he could definitely place top 10. And Anthony killed it can’t wait to see what he does. And no idea who the guy is who placed first. Oh well. Also CLYW sponsored another young kid. Chris is really looking to the future. I wanna go so bad…


Sebastian is one of my favorite players though. Wonder if CLYW will take him back.