2012 Worlds

im going, who else is? :slight_smile: im excited. its the first competition ive gone to.

Me and my brother plan on it.

I’ll be there for sure. :slight_smile:
this year I’m actually gonna check out some of the workshops.

This will be my first time attending and I can’t wait! i wanna pick up some new throws and new tricks in the workshops. I hope to see some of you guys there!

I plan on it.

Definantly planning on going this year. Hopefully I meet some cool people there, dont want to walk around all alone haha.

Congrats for your first competition!! (Its the best out of them all)

Ill be going and will be competing!! Cant wait!!!

I wish I could but the funds just aren’t there. :’(

I’m going! I can’t wait, this’ll be my second Worlds.

Aww man I wish so much i was going but I’m going to nationals instead :-\

I"m trying to get there to work at Worlds. The problem is logistics of watching the kids. We’ll see how it goes. Things wobble back and forth. It’s leaning towards “yes” right now, but can easily swing to “no”.

I’ll also be in a lot of the parks in Orlando around this time. Who else will be?

What I did at RI states

I’ll be at some of the parks. I know we’re going to Universal Studios at one point but I’m not sure what else, (all I care about is going to WYYC! :P)

It’ll be the first contest I go to since I’m going to be revising for my last public exam when UK nats are on. I’m taking part in the string trick ladder - wish me luck!

What’s the date of Worlds this year?

August 2nd is what I heard.

Universal is the one park I really want to go to. Al the others are like “eh” (For me). My mom was like “Do you really want to go to 3 days of yoyo contests?” and I was like “What do you think ::)”

Heheh… I’m not actually going to be there the first day because its one if the days my mom booked the Hard Rock for. She wants us to make the most of our time staying there since it’s (quoting this) “bloody expensive!”

I just registered for the 3-day pass. Prices are going up so you guys should hurry up and register. It’s $47.00 now!

I’ve never gone to worlds before but on pure coincidence my summer vacation is going to be in Orlando at the time(this was decided way before Christmas which was when i got into yoyoing so it was 100% pure chance!!). I pretty much got my mom to agree to drop me off one day but I’m not sure about the days. Although if it costs money to just go in and not compete that’s going to be a major deterrent. And if it does cost money how much is a 1 day and 2 day pass?