What do you think about Worlds Going International?

I was just wondering what the yoyo community thinks about worlds now.
Personally I think it is good for the yoyo community to get it more popular and spread to other countries. It will also be good to get more competitors able to get there so maybe we will have a world champ that we have never seen before come out of the darkness. Only bad part for me is I dont think I can afford those plane tickets.

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I find it to be very smart. Can’t really call it the world yoyo contest if the whole world can’t attend.

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I think it is long overdue, and that this change will only benefit the sport in the long run.

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It gives the competitors a chance to say, " Yo-yoing has brought me around the world."

It’s smart, but I for sure can’t go any farther than Orlando…

I want to go to Tokyo so bad…great idea to have,but bad for people who can’t travel…


The 2016 worlds is going to be in the US, a city has not yet been specified.

Well I hope they put it somewhere less popular just to change things up. Like salt lake city, or oklahoma, just somewhere random.

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D.C. Would be boss. Right on the mall.

That would be awesome!!!

Not sure how I feel about it, but it’s not that big of an issue to me. I just hope everything works out in the coming years and the spirit of the world yoyo contest will not be lost.

Yeah, but probably a lot less american throwers. And I also think dc would be amazing, but I would love to see it in the mall of america

Isn’t there already a competition in the mall of America? I wonder if a competition will replace it? Once it moves there will be a gap that a vender can fill. I wouldn’t be surprised if there becomes some other annual even in Orlando. I’m new to yoyoing but it doesn’t seem like the Olympics and I think it should stay here.

You’re back.

He never really left. He just said he was leaving.

Somewhere in California.

Should def be in Cali

Too much stuff in California already. It’s where Nationals is.

I personally feel that Nationals should rotate as well. Have it on the Eastern side on the country odd years and Western side on even years.