What do you think about Worlds Going International?

I think it’s a good idea. So many people spend so much money annually to come half way across the world, and now it can be closer to them. It’s only fair that they can have a chance to have it close to home, since we have for so long.

Welp, looks like I definitely won’t see a WYYC until ATLEAST 2016. ::slight_smile:

This will probably make Nationals much bigger for American’s. Considering most won’t be able to go international… more will probably go to Nats.

I think it’s a wonderful idea. We will finally be able to see many other countries winning worlds! :smiley:

Yeah. I just wanted to let you guys know I wouldnt be posting too much anymore. Im still gonna not be posting too much anymore, but when I feel I can chime in with some helpful advice or knowledge of any given subject I will post.

And thanks to a particular (not gonna name anyone, but his name rhymes with mo yagic) person for calling me an explicit name in the thread about me leaving for a bit… That was totally called for.

Great news. Glad all the parties worked stuff out and came of with a resolution that should really help take competitive yoyoing to the next level.

Just hope they aren’t set on a cycle of USA, Czech Republic, Tokyo. Definitely makes sense for the next three years, but they should try to spread the contest around the world as much as possible.

I think it can only be a good thing. No other international competition is held at the same location every single year.


The topic subject really answers its own question, doesn’t it? Tickled my funny bone something fierce. :wink:


Having Worlds move around is better for people who can’t travel because it brings the contest within reach of far more players. With it in Orlando every year, it is the same players throughout Europe, Asia, etc. who can never go. The new format means some American players won’t be able to go every year anymore, but a lot more players are going to get the chance to go at some point.

The Czech and Japanese organizers have also both already put on contests with better live video feeds than has been available from the Rosen Plaza. That is another plus for people who can’t travel; they will likely get better remote coverage of the contest from Prague and Tokyo than from Orlando.

I’m so happy World’s is finally going to be a worldwide event. Orlando is a great place to hold yoyo events, but shifting the location yearly will allow a completely different set of people to attend and enjoy.

Now that the international community can more easily attend the contest, we’re bound to see a surge of interest in yoyoing from across the globe. European and Asian countries already have healthy communities or throwers, but having a worldwide contest held more locally will certainly boost attendance and awareness.

Well, I live less than an hour from Orlando, which has allowed me to easily attend Worlds, so that aspect of it sucks (at least when it comes to convenience and cost). But overall, I think it’s wonderful for the advancement of the yoyo community. It allows the entire world to have a chance to be a part of the World YoYo Contest, and that’s exactly how it should be. I probably won’t be able to attend every year now, but maybe it’ll encourage me to save up and travel a bit. I’m excited for the international players, for sure.

I agree 100%

think this will work out great on several levels. If this does become the a worldwide governing element in yoyoing, then we are a huge step closer to being an actual spectator sport instead of some inside-event.

We need something like the IYYF with representatives from all national federations, that can actually keep the worldwide community together.

The contest moving is a great thing. Having it in the same place every year makes it a local thing, which contradicts the theme of the contest (World championships).

I’m also really pleased by the fact that I might be able to afford going in 2014. Which will be great.

I’m a fan. I’m also hoping it hits up Boston at some point, and I’d imagine that it’s pretty likely if it’s moving around the country. California is super saturated already.

Boston is a great US location for Europeans, while the west coast is great for players from Asia. Perhaps some non-Cali location on the west coast (Seattle?) where it isn’t as saturated. I think that this is a great move for yoyo-ing!

The 2016 World YoYo Championship should be in New Orleans. Orlando is played out.

I think a city like Minneapolis would be a good choice for 2016.

So we can lose power during finals? no thanks.

Lol. Nah, we dont need to worry about that, cause we don’t have a halftime show.

If it comes back to the US.
The only correct answer of where in the US would be the best is Hawaii.

Argue all you want, but face it, you know its true.


Nats should go back to Hawaii if Worlds doesnt got here.