WORLDs contest no ifs and or maybes

Hey guys and gals, worlds is only 7 days away and it’s all I’m thinking about. I’m 100% sure fire goin with some dudes from 3yo3 nd it’s gonna be my first time going!! What I was wondering was if anybody who’s been before can give me just a little bit of first hand experience on what to expect and what’s there… Also shops, fun things, meet ups, throw downs, and any awesome thing that I don’t know about that’s probably gonna be there :smiley: anyways looking forwoard for this event and definetly looking forwoard to meeting a bunch of crazy throwers like me

im going for sure!

I wish I was. MY parents really don’t feel like traveling all the way to florida to see some people yoyo. I know, I know.

I can’t say I blame your parents but I still do at the same time cause yoying is the best thing ever to see. But I live in the Florida keys so it’s not too far… I definetly can’t wait have you ever been before yoyosam?

Same thing for me.

I am almost 90% sure i’m going next year.

I have a question, i heard that this year they were going to broadcast it on TV, can anyone be sure if this? Also, if it is broad casted then what will it be on?

Im goin fo sho
i think it was broadcasted back in '06 or something…
maybe on ESPN2
YYE people should all meet up in a corner, anyone dig?

i really really really want to :frowning:
but i have church camp next week

im 99.9% sure im goin next year