What are you looking forward to at World's 2013?


Everyone is looking forward to Worlds, I’m sure. But what are you looking forward to in particular? For me, just meeting a ton of more people, see things I won’t see at my regular USA contests, and just the experience of a the largest yoyo contest in the world.


The videos!
Because I won’t be there.


Same here :’( but if I did go, meeting all the players, the secret yoyo is cool, watching all my favorite players perform (and hopefully win :D)




When Andre gets on stage and takes the crown with a life-changing freestyle.


For it to be over and never return to Orlando again.
Dark not-funny-‘joke’ aside. I look forward to the low quality video streams at the worst angles and stuff. I think those Japan contest live streams spoiled me to get the best quality.


I hope I can go. I’m in it for experience and a chance to hang at the YoYoJam Booth


Okay guys look for me : ill be wearing a purple Hurley shirt, black basketball shorts, and will most likely be walking around with my parents :stuck_out_tongue: lol, im not going… So jk… Is it super crowded at contests like worlds and nationals?


I want to buy yoyos! Does anyone whos been there know if their are ussually cool colorways or if its whatever was in stock before workds


Probably watching the videos of freestyles because I’m not going. :’(

Who knows, maybe I can convince my parents it would be a good vacation… Wish me luck.


It’s my first time.

Looking forward to the great yoyo atmosphere, tons of deals and releases, the players, and watching someone (hopefully) take down Mickey! :smiley:


the set sail yoyo and all the freestyles

(Jei Cheetah) #13



sadly my parents aren’t letting me go this time around, but there is the chance for 2016 in usa don’t mind taking a trip then.


Can’t go, but I’m looking forward to all the pros giving it their all in the contest.

(WildCat23) #16

I’m simply looking forward to going to worlds.


Andre shall not attend.