Who's pumped for worlds!!!!!



Anyone else?!


I am, even though I won’t be there… I’ll be in Orlando one month after World’s…


I want to see the AP division.


Wood woop


I’m pumped to hear the results.

But for real, if I was going I would be extremely pumped right about now. I hope everyone who goes has an awesome time :). Have fun guys. :slight_smile:


I hear the AP is going to be awesome this year. There are some very creative people in this division . I don’t think ill be sitting down for these !!


super stoked! a bit nervous caus im doing a prelim(just for fun…im expecting a low score) but im really excited to see the pros up close. :slight_smile:


You won’t get anywhere near them. Their bodyguards keep the public from getting too close.


Truth. Last worlds i went home with a black. Im still pumped though leaving monday!


I am pumped to watch freestyles and videos after the fact on YouTube.


I am too!
What’s yoyr name?


How many people normally come?


1,000? A lot.


I can’t go :’(

But I’m glad it’s happening!

(WildCat23) #15

Hmm, I don’t really want to bring a whole case of yoyos. Should I just bring like 5 or 6?


Most people bring entire cases and just sit them where they’re throwing. Of course, this has caused some yoyo to be stolen in the past but it’s never happened to me or anyone I yo’ed with.


I can’t make it. Nobody will watch my kids while I’m gone and my wife can’t take time off work.

Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.


Jack, we should meet up and throw a little


Everybody. Duh.

LOL, JK, no offense to your thread.

But I am definitely SUPER pumped…leaving the day after next!!!


I am super excited! I am leaving tomorrow, but is it fairly easy to buy tickets at the door? i didnt have the money until now to get them online