O9 Worlds tell me what its like :D

           So I was planning on going to the o9 worlds this year i have the money flying from Lake forest CA, cost me bout $430 to fly round trip and stay at a hotel but not the one that the contest it happening at to expensive. This would also be the very first YoYo event/ gathering i have ever been to lol start with the largest event and everything else may seem dull. I have all of technical parts down i just wanted to know whats it like hows the general feeling can you just walk up to someone and say hey can u show me that trick its really cool. plus what are the event that happen is it just all  yoyos or is there other comps and special stuff do yoyo companies release limited edition stuff how much$$$ should i bring in case i C something that i like or want. and finally all of the FAMOUS PEOPLE who could i expect to see there these legends that i can only seem from my computer screen steve brown, Andre, shinji saito, Yukki spencer ,hiroyuki,Doc pop, or Johnnie DelValle  would it be weird if i had a yoyo and asked for a autograph? TY for any help

1st. I’d Bring like 239569839319$$$ because I’d get everything!!!

2nd. You will meet some famous people ( A LOT)

3rd. YES YOU SHOULD! I’d kill for some autographs on my yoyo!!! Or just bring some caps! OR THEY WILL SIGN YOUR FOREHEAD

I’ll be there. That alone should make you want to go. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh well if Runnen going how could i resist lol nice to meet you :smiley:


But seriously I can honestly say I have never had more fun doing anything than I did at the three days of worlds 08.

There is just so much to do and see!

Meeting new players and stuff is the best part.

so how much money would you i should bring for new releases or shirts or hats or cool toys like a yoyo action figure :smiley:

idea pro yoyo action figures a toy andre yukki ,steve brown

The World Yo-yo Contest is said to be Magical. Don’t worry about talking the the stars, they’re just people like us. Don’t worry about talking to the Japanese pros,except Takeshi, if I’m not mistaken Japanese people have to learn English in their Middle School Years. Bring lots of money because there are a lot of sale tables by YYJ, Infinite Illusions, and DXL. Videotape your experience and share it with the world.

The people are really nice, they enjoy chatting with new people and maybe love to learn tricks from you. :wink:

Bring your collection for you might never know when someone wants to buy or trade your yo-yo’s. Get a good seat and record some freestyles. The closing ceremonies might be good too because noone ever gets footage of that. Tell André that you’re part of YYE and maybe something good will happen ;).

Finally, make most of those three days. Get an all week pass so you don’t have to pay everyday to get in.

Here you go:

You might be on TV!

TY man that really helps im so excited

are you the “stargezer” guy in YouTube Who Is Playing tHe Stargazer with so cool front & side style combos?

Yeah, thats him :wink:

although these have nats and iyyo as well…
i think box’s vids give a much more accurate depiction of how it feels to be at those events. :wink:

Necro-Posting Much?

i wouldn’t say so because i really need to know all i can about it

apologies good sir.
i just saw it and didn’t check the date.

Sorry man.

Josh, say hi to André personally for us.

(Also get me an autograph from Mickey! :D)

Np man lol i will try if im not to scared lol