Worlds 2011

It will be really fun. I’m going this year, so who else is going to Worlds 2011?

I’m going

I’m wanting to go but I need some help. I’m new to the scene and I just really want to go for the experience. I tried searching the Worlds website but I couldn’t really find what I was looking for.

I want to go watch, not compete. Do I still need to register? Is there a page with all the pricing information? Also, is there a schedule? I can only stay for two days and I want to pick my two days wisely.

Any help would be awesome guys, thanks.

Im going and to answer ur question.

i’ll probably go 2012, but not this year

yup, I’m going :slight_smile:
booked my flight and everything.
Also got the SE yoyo.

Going and competing in 5a…

…goin, so psyched. It was nuts last year. I’m hoping the magic is still there now that I know so much more about yoyoing.

whoever is going post a pic of themselves I will see if I can find one

is there an event calender for worlds cause i can only stay 2 days and i want to catch pre and finals of 1a,3a and 5a

Um 1a and 2a is on the first day 3a, 4a, and 5a the next day and finals on the last day I think.

thanks alot that saves me alot of trouble sucks thought cause now im gona miss 1a prim but at least i can make the finals :slight_smile: thanks to eveyone that helped and see u at worlds


i am totally going. also staying at the hotel!!! doing only 1a though. x52 i dont know if you remember like a year ago we did this a lot near July 4th.


I don’t think I’m staying at the plaza though. One of my friends that travels a lot said that there was another hotel for around $110 a night that was pretty close that was better.

Last year, they did all the prelims on the first day, then the 2a, 3a, and 4a finals where on the second day, and 1a and 5a were on the third day. You’d probably be best off staying for the later 2 days.

also i am going to get my worlds 2010 yoyo signed by Jensen Kimmitt!!!

my dad that is in afghanistan wants me to

HELP when i am trying to register for the event it keeps on saying page not found so I am not able to register for the event but I have my hotel booked :frowning:

call 'em up tomorrow :slight_smile: or send 'em an email.
I had the same problem, but it eventually worked after the 2nd or 3rd try.


To those who get the page not found error, are you registering for the more than one person option? I did it individual and it worked for me, try that.

Took out a loan to get there but…

[size=10pt]ILL SEE ALL YOU GUYS THERE[/size]