So who all is planning a trip to Cleveland for Worlds 2016?

Since its been in Prauge a couple years back, Tokyo last year, and in Switzerland Iceland in 2017, I would be a fool to not check it out when its coming SOOO close to home. Im only a state or two away and hope to make it for the spectacle. I should be able to take Vacay and get paid for it even! haha

Not seen much chatter on the radar about Worlds, maybe this is the wrong place or you all know something I dont, but im pretty excited for Aug 3-6 2016!!

I’m planning to be up there.

BTW, 2017 Worlds is in Iceland. :smiley:

im going to try my best to show up at worlds…

OOPS! fixed that. Thanks for the heads up.

Anyway, Ill be there!

I’m hoping on going… but, my family is also going to Israel this year, so im hoping we can find the money to go.

I’ll be there 100%

I have family up there and thats the time of year we go! :smiley: YESSSS!

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

I should be there for the weekend.

It will be nice to hopefully meet some of you there! Ill be easy to spot.

LOL I almost said, “I am thinking of going if I do I will be the guy with the yoyo”! XD Then it dawned on me this will be the first time I would be in a place where I am not the only yoyoer in the room! XD let alone a room that is 22,000 square feet packed full of yoyoers!


I’m in.

I plan on going. It will be my first ever yoyo contest because k have only been throwing for about 5 months. But I only live like 4 hours away from Cleveland so there’s no way I can miss Worlds!

I’m competing

I should be going (:



i live very close but still dont know if ill have time to go :-\

I’ll be there. Come by and say hello!