Worlds 2016

No dates or location have been announced yet, but here is a quote from Steve Brown on what the location needs.

“You need a city with a large international airport so that players can get cheap flights from anywhere in the world. You need a venue that can hold approximately 1500 - 1600 people, with a professional quality sound, stage, and lighting set up. You need lots of nearby food options, and you need after party venues nearby (walking distance if possible) that can allow for both drinking and non-drinking players.
You need a local infrastructure of players and help that can support the event, because you need a core team of 4 - 5 and at least a dozen volunteers to make the event go smoothly, in addition to your judging staff.
You need a location where the organizing team has good relationships with local press, local businesses, and local service providers and can leverage those contacts to get everything needed for the event at the best possible prices because it’s entirely funded by return top companies who have little to no money.
There are a lot of cities that would work, but having the local team to pull it off is the huge limiting factor. I’m putting together a proposal for Cleveland because it works, and I can pull it off. Other members of the NYYL are working on proposals for other cities, and once we have everything together we’ll all meet and decide where it’s going to be. -Steve”

Sounds like Salt Lake City would be great!!
(A boy can dream right?)

Austin would be good. I’m going anyway, so if I don’t have to get a plane ticket, that would be good.

I hope its somewhere close enough to drive to because in 2016 I’ll have my liscense so yea… I hop eI can go

Best possibilities, in my opinion:

San Francisco
Las Vegas
New York City

I hope its chicago cuz thats only a 9 hour drive for me

what about Baltimore? it fits a lot of the requirements… Plus Dulles Airport is one heck of an airport same for BWI as well that’s even closer…

I hope not I don’t think I can make it that far. I’m hopingchicago or closer but chicago is in a pretty central location so then its fair for everyone

not for people overseas because then the airfare would be even higher for them…

And not for us out west, though that’s definitely better than Florida or overseas for sure

Washington D.C.

Public Transportation and there are Venues.

Good place too. National Capital.

Yes! Baltimore and DC FTW those are both within like an hours drive from where i live!


Orlando could also still work very well… just not at the venue it was in. It’s a big city, there are a lot of other (better) options.

You could also just insert any major city really… Houston, Dallas, etc.

It’s all about being convenient for whomever is running it though.


I think some place on the East coast would be best. There are a lot of great contests already established in California. It seems like the East coast has a lot of players and clubs from the forum posts. So someplace with a good airport such as DC, Orlando or New York. Houston would be fun haven’t made it to that part of Texas. …of course there is always New Mexico :slight_smile:

Atlanta? Airport shouldn’t be an issue there just needs to be organizers in the region who are willing to take on that duty

^But, unfortunately, there really aren’t. There always seems to be a lack of effort to create more contests in the south. Only FL and GA have state contests and there is SERs. No AL, LA, MS, NC, SC states at all.

NC coming soon to a theater near you

I like the idea of DC. As previously mentioned, California already has enough contests, nats being the big one. I agree it should either be in the middle of the country (Chicago), or in the east. I’d love Manhattan, but everybody forgets how ridiculously expensive that gets, same with Chicago for that manner. I think DC is a great idea.

I think center of the country. Maybe St. Louis, Chicago, or maybe on the east coast like D.C.