Are you looking foward to World yoyo contest 2013?


I am! I bet it will be amazing!!! Can’t wait till August ;D


hell yea…

marcus koh, mickey, chia, harold owens, zach gormley, jensen? …

wanna see these guys


No. Because yet again this year i cant go. Lol every year for the past five years i have missed it due to life issues. But im stoked to see the videos.


Definitely. Florida in August is going to be insane though.


Probably won’t go, but I am exited to see how my favorites do :slight_smile:


Might be there. Hopefully

(M.DeV1) #7

Ladies and Gents, your 2013 world yoyo contest winner.


Pretty incredible in places (ie. the majority of it). Can you imagine this routine with no flubs? Unstoppable for contest-style play!

(M.DeV1) #9

I know! Thats Pongs one fatal flaw is he makes too many mistakes.


Who is he? I haven’t seen him.


can’t go. I have a bass convention that week.


Sponsered by c3yoyodesign and places very high at contests.


I’ll be there a month later… :’(


Oh a person form my Yoyo club Is going hope he does well and has a good time ;D as for me I can’t go be cause is Florida is really far away when you live in MD and airfare is expensive.

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That is Si Yee Pong, sponsored by C3 yoyodesign he placed 5th at world yoyo contest 2012 and is the current 44 clash champion.


I’m thinking about going . I’ve priced the trip and it would be do able . I’ve never been to a contest , is there gonna be any kind of swap meat ? buying and selling ? new or used ?


It’s up to individuals if they are buying, selling or trading.


But it would be nice to know if there is some sort of well-known meetup planned (either officially or unofficially).


In my experience, there aren’t any format BST meet-ups, but people who want to do so find ways to make it happen. Also, if it’s organized, then it puts some liability on the organizer. Without it being organized, then it’s just individuals and has nothing to do with the event promoter.


My experience has been that one guy saying, “Hey, I’d love to do some trading; does everybody want to meet at Cheeky Monkey’s at, say, 8pm on Friday?” doesn’t incur any sort of liability. You place too little faith in people who just want to hang out. :wink:

But, you’ve been to these things before. I have not. I was just pointing out that it’s a fair enough question.