Why does nats have to be so far?

Hi! I am a 12 year old yoyo-er who has been throwing for at least 2 years. I have been very disappointed each year when i heard it was in California. I live in eastern Mass. Each year I have been dying to go but i just cant. Maybe in 2014 they can move it somewhere more all around, say Florida or Louisiana? Or Kansas? ??? :’(

No. California has one of the biggest hub of yoyoers in America.

If you were wanting to go to a yoyo contest in Florida you should’ve gone to Worlds, but now since that will no longer be in Florida anymore, that’s not an option next year.

Yeah let’s put it in Kansas… There’s like a whole 4 yoyoers there… I’m just teasing you man. But for real I think it should go to maybe major yoyo areas. I think the Mall of America would be a good place…

I agree. It’s kinda like the Worlds situation, it’s not really a true “national” contest if it’s in the exact same place every year.

Mall of America gets my vote! I can do Mall of America. I’ve done Mall of America a few times.
That would be an ideal venue.

I think is was fine as it was, with Worlds being on the east coast and Nats being on the west coast. Now that Worlds is moving to different locations, that leaves the east coast with no major competition. I think this causes a little more pressure to make Nationals change venues from time to time to be more accessible to the whole country.

I agree. Seriously I can’t think of anywhere better than the mall of America… Besides its 15 minutes from my house :smiley:

That’s even more reason to move it. Bring the yoyo scene to a new place and get a yoyo wildfire going.

Yes! Mall of america gets my vote. It is closer for pretty much all of the yoyo-ers on the east coast who have no more real competition!

Why does worlds shift places and not nats? You do have a point sir…

Worlds went something like 14 years in the same location. They are just now moving it starting next year.

worlds shifts places because people who compete in it are from other country’s and traveling from one of them and into the usa with our strict laws makes it very hard/expensive. So the comp has a unbalanced number of Americans vs other country’s.
Nationals is held where it is held because of that is where the organizers live, the national yoyo museum is there, and the longest running yoyo club in the nation is also located there. Plus traveling inside the usa doesn’t take a passport so getting there isn’t super hard. The whole no major airport is the biggest downside to chico, outside that it isn’t going to be any easier or harder to get too then any other venue in the country. If we move it to Minnesota it will be hot humid and flat out bull crap, won’t be any easier to get too, and will only make it more convenient to get too for those who live close. I think you will find there are way more throwers closer to chico then the mall of america. A lot more, plus that venue already host’s a large contest.
That being said the only contest with in driving distance to me is nationals, and if it moved it would be the end to my contest travels till it came back if it in fact ever did. I would be super sad too see it go.
Please if someone see’s this and starts to make plans to move it. Move it somewhere with low humidity and reasonable temperatures. I.e. not Florida or Minnesota.

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. MN is just fine in fall or spring. Don’t get your pants in a bundle over it. And hopefully you know, the MOA is INDOORS.

Most of my family lives in Minnesota. Its always humid there unless its freezing. then its freezing.
How ever those where not my main points. If you want to go too a contest in moa go to the one that is already held there.
I was more posting to explain why worlds is moving and why nationals moving for the same reason wouldn’t make any since. Moving nats would have a whole different set of reasons for being moved.
There are valid reasons to move it but, worlds moving and nats moving would be entirely different circumstances.
The idea of the op that because worlds moves nats should move don’t jive. Starting a thead wanting nats moved is fine but not with the basis of “Well worlds is moving around why not nats.” That stance takes out the reason why worlds is moving, which wouldn’t make any since for nats.

To be a true National Yoyo Contest, I needs to rotate. Maybe an alternating East Coast/West coast thing?

I’m telling you guys- there needs to be a contest on the national mall in DC!

in ny there are like only 2 me being one

I agree that nats needs to move, but for different reasons. It needs to be indoors and in a city that isn’t difficult/expensive to get to. Currently it is neither of those things.

This. To Shnayke, you’d put the contest INSIDE. And it seems like you just want to keep the contest where is is because it’s nearby.

You know where it would be awesome to have it? The Greenbrier. Super nice place and it’s in WV (I live there lol). But it might not be the easiest place to access.

Nice they are moving Worlds around the world, Nationals should get moved around the United States. Any thoughts on this? God Bless - Moefv