National yoyo contest

I have had difrent people say this about nats. That since it is a national contest, it should move around the country anyone have thoughts on this?

No way! I live in CA :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes since Cali has a lot of contests there, but its whatever.

It should move between Chico (or LA), Chicago, and NYC. I think that would be fun!

cough Charles Haycock Reference From Summit Documentary cough


whatever. we out here. we good

Since the guy who drives it lives in Chico, it will probably stay there for a bit more.

Even for people who live in California, Chico is an inconvenient place to get to.

No way! I live in Chico! Haha

I think Chico is the perfect place to have the contest every year. It’s such a yoyo town. Cali is such a yoyo state. I don’t live anywhere near the place but I enjoy traveling there for the contest.

Yeah, plus a yoyo company is here and the museum.

Which part is your favorite part of Chico? The lack of population density, the small available staging area, or the belligerent homeless people we have to chase away from the stage every year?

André and I are working with Thad to explore some other options. The contest has very much outgrown Chico. We all love the museum, but the city doesn’t have much to offer in the way of exposing more people to competitive yoyo play and it’s expensive and inconvenient to get to.


I posted a thread about this a while ago. I was favoring the idea of it being at the mall of america, or somewhere in the middle of the country.

Steve, has there been talking of a rotating national contest, with that now happening for the wyyc?

gah, what I wouldn’t give to have it in NYC

cough Massachusttes cough hic

Why does coughing give me the hiccups


Texas? :slight_smile:


Kansas? Missouri?