2017 US National Yoyo Contest

I know it’s a year away, but does anyone know if it will move out of California? Maybe somewhere further east?

Keep it in Cali pls

California has the most yoyoers, it makes sense that Nats are there.

It’s fine that Nats is in Cali, I just hope Worlds, when in America, stays on the eastern seaboard.

Keep in cali plzzzz

Well, worlds found it advantageous to move around the world, I would expect nationals to do the same.

Except around the country, right?

I just find that it’s a pain in the rear for it to be in California. I’ve been in the yoyo game for 3 years. During that time, 4 US Nats have happened and I’ve attended 1, solely because of plane ticket prices. Many of us can’t afford or just don’t want to spend that kind of money on a ticket. If the contest were in the middle of the country, everybody could get to it more easily. Just a thought I had.

Or move it around like worlds.

Yes, every year move it from East to West to Central and back again.

Well, actually, Rumor has it that nationals is moving. Can’t verify though.

I’ve heard Chicago is a candidate for 2017.

I just really like having an excuse to travel to Cali. If Nats isn’t in your town, you’re going to have to do some sort of traveling anyway. Traveling obviously costs money, but going to a yoyo contest is completely optional. I live in Alabama, like the OP, so I’d need to travel by plane to just about every major yoyo event. On a quick look at fares just now, getting to NYC, LA, and Chicago all cost around the same amount of money. So if I had to drop the money, I’d rather make the trip to California. Just based on personal preferences. My opinion isn’t rooted in what’s best for others. I guess I’m selfish. :wink:

Also, getting to Chico is much different than getting to LA. The airport is much larger and getting a flight to any major airport (if we’re comparing just major airports) isn’t hard. Booking a flight to O’Hare won’t be harder or easier for you than getting one to LAX.

I agree with Nationals moving around completely. It’s not really “national” if it’s always in the same place. California is a pretty expensive place to live in already, and having to get tickets, hotels, food, and yoyo’s there can cost a lot over the years. A lot of people my age aren’t able to get to Nationals because we aren’t old enough to get jobs to make the money to go, and usually our parents can’t take time off work. I’m surprised that this wasn’t thought about earlier from the people who plan Nationals. I’ve heard traveling to Iceland for worlds is cheaper than going to Cali for Nationals. I’ll have to confirm it, but it seems like a good reason to move it around and involve the “nation”.

The White House has been in the same place for 215 years. Would it be more national if it moved around? :smiley:

This is all just getting really silly. You heard wrong.

Flights to Reykjavik, Iceland

Flights to Los Angeles, California

That’s irrelevant, this is a yoyo contest not a government building, there’s a big difference there. And what flights are you looking at? I saw a one way ticket to Iceland for around 100 dollars.

Hold on, I’m getting pictures from flight website.

Yes, it is a government building. One that draws millions of visitors every year from all over. Far more people go to the White House than would ever attend Nats, yet it is no easier or harder for them to get there.

You are a child, I understand. You do not have disposable income of your own, and not being able to afford travel (to ANYWHERE) on your own can be frustrating. You’re (personal) situation wouldn’t be made much easier unless Nats was held in Atlanta to be honest. If it were in Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, or Boston you’d still have to hop on a plane. Which costs money of course.

Those flights are from ATL to LAX and ATL to Reykjavik, Iceland (where wyyc17 will be held). The flights to California are substancially less. Saying that “getting to worlds next year will be cheaper than getting to Nats” is just overblown fantasy that doesn’t support your stance. The flights are for the same dates (Oct. 30-Nov. 3) and show quite apparently that getting a flight to Iceland could cost up to $4,000. You could make it to every regional and nats on that type of budget.

If you find a $100 flight from ATL to Reykjavik for worlds, book two seats. I’ll make the trip with you.

And to be clear, I’m not trying to jump down your case or be rude. I just think that the cost of traveling to Nats is overstated and comparisons like the one made earlier aren’t grounded in reality.

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Here’s one flight to Iceland from Miami. While it is a bit out of my ways, I’m already used to traveling long car distances as we used to drive 4 hours and back to southern Georgia. We have close friends that live near the Florida border and I happen to have an aunt that lives near Miami. I’m not saying I will go, but I definitely can, and I wish I could, but by next year I’ll be in 8th grade and the workload would be tremendous with my advanced classes. Even when I travelled out of the country this year, that one week away from school bit me back hard.

4 hours… long distance car rides…

I have you beat hands down :wink: 26 hours to where my family vacationed a couple years back. Actually like the car rides for the most part :slight_smile:

Was it nonstop? Because if it was, you are the road trip king. I just like watching movies with my family in the car, and playing on my 3DS xP

No :frowning: we stopped and slept through the night, then went again.