US Nationals moving to LA!

Woohoo!  Right in my backyard!

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I wouldn’t have the time to go there this year but…that’s a 45 minute flight to SoCal (compared to a 3 hour drive to Chico). Naturally though if I were down there I would also have to pay a visit to the Mouse and other parks down that way :slight_smile:

I think it’s a wise move, being in a highly populated area, plus ease of getting there, it can only help yoyoing.

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This sucks :frowning: Chico was much closer to where I lived. Now idk what to do

I live in New Jersey, so does this affect me in any way?

Only in so much as:

You could literally take public transit to the destination from the airport (LAX), about 30 minute ride from there. Pretty accessible for longer distance travelers.

I’d suggest you quit whining and realize that this is a massive improvement for the VAST (99%) majority of people in the country, and a huge boost to the potential of the contest and yoyoing as a whole.

After that, consider putting in slightly more effort to get to LA, one of the most easily accessed cities in the world.


Edit: this came off a bit harsh and I apologize… was a long day and I probably didn’t write that in the best way.

Is there a train that could take me from Sacramento to LA. Cause I really would like to go. I’ve only been to one contest and that was BAC. I’d love to watch the nationals as well. I guess I have a few months to figure it out I guess.

Amtrak Coast Starlight will do just that. It is slow though. I’d also look at Megabus.

Nice, it will be right down the street from my office. Woohoo.

There’s a metrolink station close by as well if anyone is in Socal looking for transport to it.

If I had a bigger car… (actually I’ll steal the wifes) I could probably take a few from their hotel or whatever if they need a ride since I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

I am so happy that this could work out ;D Perhaps this will be the new location for nationals to be held at for future years, maybe :o

Nationals is going to become an event that cities around the country can bid on hosting.

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Of this is true oh yeah!

From the Chico Newspaper .