2017 National Yoyo Contest.... in Chico Again!

I am only posting in this section because I think this area of the forum gets the most hits. I may be wrong?

Regardless; I am pretty thrilled that the next National Yoyo Contest will ‘again’ be held in Chico California.

Oct:6-7 and 8th.

I have no doubt that the National Yoyo Contest would/will be fun no matter where they hold it in the future.

But Being home again just sounds Excellent to me.

Of course the last 2 years; the Contest was held 20 minutes from my house; so I will have to make some minor travel adjustments; haha.

Over the last almost 2 decades; I have always enjoyed the ambiance of Chico. The town just has a certain presence that is hard to explain.

You guys have several months to plan on how to get there. Start now. You will be happy you did…


Nationals 2016 was the first competition I went to since it was a close drive from where I live, bummer it moved further away from me. I heard a lot about Chico as a nice town, but cost to travel there plus other expenses really stacked up as I was looking up prices and adding up the costs to go.

Thank God. I was going into withdrawals. I live an hour away and this was the highlight of my October.

Well then I hate to be the one to tell you that this will be the last one in October :-. Nationals is moving to early summer after this year so it can be held before worlds moving forward.

Some people are cranky about it, but all the changes sound good.

If it moves around the country then that is a lot easier on more people.

I’m on the east coast so as long as it’s in CA it’s probably out of my reach.

Same :frowning:️. I wish thy could move it to the east coast, like D.C. Or something. I only live like 2 hours away from there. ;). Plus it would be cool to have the national yoyo contest in the capital of the the nation. :blush: just sayin.

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I love that it is in Chico! I’ll be there!

That’s par for the course. Something changes and yoyoers get cranky :smiley: Which is funny because the majority aren’t competing or attending anyway.

Hoping it ends up close to Chicago soon, I can’t justify what it would cost me to attend in CA.

Just marked my calendar!

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

don’t care as long as it’s in California.

That would be great! I think I could justify Chicago (only few hours away). I really wish I could have made it to Cleveland :cry:

Same, not making plans to go to the 16’ world yoyo contest will probably remain my biggest yoyo related regret. Not much more to say😕