Location of future WYYC & WYYC in czech republic? (merged)

Does anyone know where worlds will be next year? I really hope they keep it in Florida.

still in florida i belive. they have a contract of some sort. someone else please fill in the details! :slight_smile:

Well it’s supposed too stay in Florida until 2015.

Also congratulations in advance on starting a massive debate. :slight_smile:

Oh, you’re welcome ;).
I think most of us on here are happy with the USA.

I agree with that. But I also think it should move around (within the US).

brace yourself from the mass amount of upset people that will comment here… :wink:

some dude was trying to get the WYYC to be in Prague in 2013, i literally saw this and started laughing… hard… i don’t think he had a full understanding of why the contest is held in FL.

I’m sort of surprised that it’s in the US. Do we actually have the majority of yoyoers?

Without a doubt.

Wasn’t it the people that are in charge of the European Yoyo Contest or something of similar scale? I don’t think it was just “some dude.”

Just out of curiosity (not tryin’ to start anything, just get perspective), why do you think it should only be moved around the US? Also…

Source?? :stuck_out_tongue:

the people who run EYYC know more than well that they are under contract, it wasnt them.

I think it should be kept in the US because the majority of the competitors are american

our source? it is easy to tell just by going to the contest.

you have been warned hippo samurai… :smiley:

Hm. Not tryin’ to spread anything that isn;t true, sorry, it’s just what I heard around the block, somethin’ about a dispute with the guys fro EYYC and Greg from the current WYYC. It got the support of YoYoFactory so I figured someone reputable was in fact behind it.

But, your source that most yoyo competitors are American is a world competition that’s held in AMERICA? I don’t mean to be a jerk, but that’s not really sufficient evidence haha. I’ve heard claims on these boards that America doesn’t in fact have the most competitors and it’s just as good of a claim as yours, I don’t know what to believe!

I feel rather confident that there will be a Worlds 2013 held in the regular spot in Orlando. If all works well according to my travel plans and scheduling, I should be there helping run production.

I will be unable to help or support any Worlds that is anywhere else unless it is closer to me. I can’t afford the trip. However, the same argument can be made for other players around the world to move it out of Florida.

Now, the clock is ticking until this thread is locked and perhaps deleted.

Just look on these forums. Most everyone here is US based. Very few international. :wink:

Why would this thread be deleted?

‘worlds’ will be where the players go. Will it be in Prague? I know little more than anyone in this thread so I don’t know. I do know if someone proposed a better event players, sponsors, national organizations and judges would find it hard not to support it.

What I’ve heard is that both contests will happen- two competing World Yo-Yo Contests.

There are more forums than just YYE you know, go check out 91yoyo, the biggest yoyo community in China, then there’s yoyoz, a forum located in the UK, and it sucks that it’ll stay in Florida :frowning: A lot of people will be the same or won’t go at all.

Good point, but that doesn’t mean the US has the most, it just means that at YYE, most of the participating users are in the US.

I’m sure if I were to hit more international yoyo forums, I’d find way more international players.

I do feel in all fairness, the WYYC should move around to a different host country every year. The next 3 years should be used to form a respected and accepted international/world governing Yoyo association and have that group begin the process, at least planning out 2016 and 2017 before the 2015 contest takes place. With the “world of yoyo” unified, it should make this easy. 3 years is a lot of time. Use it wisely!

The World Cup moves. The Olympics moves. Other international contests move around regularly. Why not yoyo? Bring it to the world and make it a world event. The clock is ticking. Make it happen!

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Well what if there was both a contest in Florida, and in Prague at the same time? What would you do then? Which would YYF choose to support, the true traditional worlds in Florida or the contest in Prague?