Location of future WYYC & WYYC in czech republic? (merged)

im all for WYYC moving around. its not fair to the rest of the world to always have it here. we could just host IYYO at the rosen if we “need” to have an event there.

it would even be nice to see another group running it. just to see if there is more potential yet in the contest.

i only hope that the future venue(s) will be at least as accommodating as the Rosen (im not asking for much here…)

Just a WAG on my part but I would not be surprised if Gregg hasn’t obtained a trademark on “World’s YoYo Contest”, “WYYC” etc and effectively owns the rights to what is affectionately known as “Worlds”. Thus it will be where he decides for the foreseeable future. Held anywhere else it may well have to be called by another name.

and if he didnt…let the race begin!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems as though they already chose sides. Redirecting...

They could just be tryin’ to hype it I suppose.

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A majority of the competitors are American because its in America… and of course you want it to stay in America, you live there. What about everyone else, I was talking to Marcus koh at worlds and he said it was $2000 per plane ticket to get to Orlando. That’s a bit rediculous. He said he wouldn’t have been there if his sponsor hadn’t payed for his trip… one of the best yoyoers in the world and former world champion not being able to go to worlds. That’s pretty silly.

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beyond that, even if he would have won, his prize $$$ wouldnt have even cover half of his total expense to come here, so he would have basically paid over a grand to be world champion…sounds great right!?

I’m almost positive worlds would be way different if all the Asian and European players could make it there.

World’s will be in Prague and the US at the same time next year.



Worlds is being held in two places on the same days. It will be the rivaling, not real “World Yo-Yo Contest” in Prague, and the real World Yo-Yo contest in the Rosen where it should be and is going to be. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t go to Prague for anything. They have been treating this whole situation and the real contest with disrespect, from the “To see how Worlds should be done” to the fact it’s on the same day, or that they’re calling it the World Yo-Yo Contest when it’s not.
The World Yo-Yo Contest should stay where it belongs, in the Rosen, not be moved and imitated out of spite.

the contest should be held where the contestants can actually win to at least cover the trip expenses :wink:

it should move around like any other international contest.

The way I see it there are three big international competitions: WYYC, EYYC and Asia-Pacific. All three attract players from around the world, run all 5 divisions and are well run. These three venues could take turns hosting World’s. All three would still be held each year (the Orlando contest could be North America Regionals or something like that on years that it didn’t host World’s), but Orlando hosted 2012, Prague would host 2013 (at the normal January dates, not August) and Singapore would host in 2014 (at their normal July dates).

My opinion - it would be better for World’s and for yo-yoing if the contest moved. A little competition between the hosts to have the best contest would improve it overall and it would be more of a big deal when it was hosted in your region.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Just use the existing three big regional comps.

No doubt that the most competitive players come from Japan and China owns the most competitors, it would not be strange to see thousands players if the Worlds some day held in China.

Football World Cup take place in different continent, why not the World yoyo contest? Just coz American men think they have the most player in the world.

is this official?  if so, i feel a boycott coming on (not from me, i can’t go anyway next year.)

Inside, i guess it should move around.  It isn’t like the USA only has one major contest, we have BAC, nats, Triple crown, all kinds of stuff.  but i feel that Prague would not be a good place to move it.  i feel it should stay in a Huge country, with lots of yoyoers, Eoureope, China, etc.

if they were ever to move it, id say move it to a european city. perhaps london or berlin.

Absent a governing body in this “sport”; moving the contest around becomes problematic.

One of the defining features of “Worlds” is that it represents the same contest year after year. To move it from venue to venue would mean that not only does the structure of the contest have to physically move, the organizers need to ensure that the judging standards and the people involved are also representing the values that have made “Worlds” so successful in years past.

If the contest is held in Prague – will the judges be the same as in Orlando? Will they represent the same judging system as was used in previous contests? These are issues that are handled by national governing bodies such as the United States Olympic Committee for Olympic qualifying and competitive standards. Without uniform standards for competition structure and judging as well as national or regional organizing and standards bodies, we risk the fate of boxing where “Champions” are defined by the recognizing body.

If “Worlds” are held in Florida and Europe next year – who will be the “Champion”?


I’m sure a lot of the American players will go to worlds in America as long as it is being held here as its convenient for them. The same will go for worlds in Prague. I also know a lot of people are tired of worlds in Orlando, and will be going to Prague.

Worlds should move around every few years like the Olympics, but only to places where there were yoyoers

Lol what. Prague is a European city too.

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i know! im saying i agree with that! :smiley: but eyyc was held in prague, a differnt city would be better in my opinion.

So It’s pretty commonly known now that the World yoyo contest was held in Florida for the last time this year, and ive heard from YYF’s twitter account that it’ll be in eastern europe, (Czech).

This year I also saw YYF’s twitter account (Ben McPhee I’m guessing) critique and criticize every aspect of the contest that didn’t go perfectly smoothly, and also anything they just didn’t like, but do they have good reason? Since they were banned from sponsoring any US contest because of legalities (involving Duncan and 5A.) Which in my opinion is lame for Duncan to restrict someone from helping contests. And also because YYF is also the biggest force to be reckoned with at any contest.

It also doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have the contest In the Czech republic, although I do know there is a big yoyo following in western Europe, I feel like there are far more players in the US, but my opinion could be biased considering I live in the US. So do you think that YYF is somehow involved in the moving of the contest, did they do it solely to have the chance to support WYYC, or to capitalize on the money making opportunity? If you read this Ben, I would love to hear reasons, and stories, because I’m very curious, and of anyone else knows anything please share.