2013 WYYC resolution (Orlando vs Prague)

For those who hadn’t heard, there were two different World Yoyo Contests being planned for this year, as was discussed here last year.  One was the Orlando contest run by Greg.  The was being formed to try to establish the World contest as a true “worlds” event that moved around the globe and gave more equal opportunity to top players from around the world, and was to be held in Prague this year.

That’s a simplification of the situation, but you can read about the reasons behind it and people’s opinions in the old thread.

It appears the two contests have reached a resolution that will maintain a single official worlds that does move around annually.  The Worlds site now says the WYYC has merged with the new International YoYo Federation, with the IYYF taking over running the contest from Greg.  This year will be in Orlando, 2014 in Prague, 2015 in Tokyo, and then 2016 back in the U.S.


I think the YoYoRadio podcast is also airing an interview with one of the Prague organizers in today’s podcast to talk about this if anyone wants to hear more about it.

Nice resolution. Feels better that the Worlds contest will be an internationally held event. Gotta start saving for Prague. Went there once as a chaperone with a high school choir (my wife was the piano accompanist), and really loved it.

Glad to see they came up with the right resolution. I don’t think anyone has a problem with Orlando, I just think people want it other places too.