Are Worlds in Czech this year?

I saw that on the yoyofactory facebook that Worlds are going to be in Czech this year (2013)
Is it really? I thought it was going to be in Orlando this year and Prague, Czech next year??? ???


Thats what I thought but on the YYF page its saying Czech…


It’s in Orlando this year.

It will be in the Czech Republic next year (2014). There were originally two separate contests planned as Worlds this year, with one in Orlando and one in the Czech Republic. The two contests merged into one organization and came to an agreement to hold the contest in Orlando this year, and Prague next year. Anything you saw referring to the Czech contest this year was likely posted before the merger.

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It will most likely flip flop between Prague and Orlando. I also heard there will be a contest in orlando thats not worlds? Is that right?

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Nope. It’ll go: Orlando this year, Prague next year and Tokyo in two years and in 3 years, USA (Undecided city)

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