Worlds 2013

Ok so I’ve been yoyoing a little over a year now. Did not get a chance to go to worlds this year but I am going in 2013. What is going on with the location first. Two possible contests on the same weekend. Want to get peoples thoughts and if they have any information about who would be running the worlds in Prague. Just trying to see whats going on so I can maybe start making plans for next year.

Hey man,

There is a thread going on about this to some extent it seems that the whole situation has yet to be “figured” out. I want to go too and depending where it is will not really hinder by decision to go. I just hope they are not at the same time.

I’m not going to comment on too much about the inner rotten behaviors going on regarding the whole Wolds things.

First, there will be the World YoYo Contest in Orlando, at the same hotel next year, so that’s a guarantee. I am going to sock aside money to fly there. Once there, I’m working the event and have accommodations taken care of.

Second, it’s still not 100% clear if the Prague event will even take place. In my line of work, I am lied to my face on a daily basis, often all day long, never being told the truth for anywhere from hours to years at a time. I only believe things when I see contracts, documentation, and in the case of this Prague event, photos and videos proving it took place.

For now, if you’re making travel plans, you may wish to add a passport and check out international air travel and hotel fees for budgeting purposes. That will give you your top dollar numbers. Also, keep in mind, you can often only book so far in advance, but the closer to the “due date”, the higher rates are. Also, booking way in advance may not give you tremendous savings.

Let me share a little story. My family travels to Disneyland. I like it, I need it to decompress and unwind. I enjoy it. We drive, so we re’ at the mercy of the oil companies. Howevr, it’s 405 miles, a tank and a half of fuel each way. We booked the hotel 4 months in advance. 1 day before, at the SAME HOTEL, we see a better rate for the same grade of room. So, we have to cancel one reservation and make a second. It’s a crazy game. So, if you want to save money, you have to put some effort into it. Airfare isn’t that crazy.

This was the last thread I saw on here regarding it.  Hope it helps some :wink:,46904.0.html