Ok So Who Is Going To Worlds This Year???

It depends, where are the worlds being held?

Isn’t it always in Orlando Flordia? At the hotel?


Hm well, back to the subject.

Who Is Going To Worlds??

Dude, it’s like a little less than a year away. We got time. lol

Well are you planning on going???

It depends what Worlds you are going to.

There’s going to be one in Orlando, and another one in Prauge. It’s unclear which one will be the sanctioned event. This is a whole Pandora’s box of potential issues.

Regardless, I am going to be working at the Orlando show if I have funds for airfare. I’m planning a family vacation at WDW at the same time so that will land us all there. I’m going to start budgeting for that starting in February. I should be pretty well set to go by then unless this stupid Vietnam trip in March wipes me out, which it very well may.

Then the question everyone wants to know: Will I be bringin the “Case of Wonders”. I’m not sure. I won’t really have much time to throw, even during Worlds.

yeah, I heard last year that 2013 worlds was going to be in prague. In which case, I most likely won’t be able to go. If it’s in florida though, I may be able to.

The event planner of Worlds has a contract with the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FL until 2015. The contract states that Worlds will be held there until 2015 or so I’ve heard.

The official worlds will be in FL.

A few little birds have told me about a “secret” group of “top” people in the industry. Apparently they thought a move would be more beneficial (profitable) to them and the community. That is why there is a contest in another location during the same time as the official worlds in Orlando.

I might be my mom says we will take a big vacation in the summer this year so if we go to Florida at the right time I might be going.

Planning on it. Saving up all my money from now till worlds.
This one.


Yay mr. yoyoguy your alive!

Yay! Someone noticed!

I plan on going in 2013. Even If my friends from our yoyo club can’t go. The fear of going alone is what held me back this year, but It won’t next year.

I live about an hour away from Orlando, so I go every year. My wife and I will definitely be there.