Just wondering if anyone is going to worlds this year. Im gonna be there thats for sure ;D ;D

If u are what r u most exited for


Where is worlds at anyway?


Orlando, Florida

I think I am going still waiting for approval from my parents


Where are you from?


suburbs of Chicago Illinois, it would be my high school graduation gift for the plane ticket. I would have everything else set


Nice. I should consider a trip to next years Worlds being my graduation gift.


well next year worlds in in Prague. which is in czech republic


Never mind…


I can’t p due to the fact that the school year starts the day before worlds starts. :frowning:


I know!, I attend Worlds annually but unfortunately may not be able to this year. Metro Atlanta schools start the Wednesday before Worlds.I have 4 children so the first week of school is insane busy. I may still try and drive down Friday evening . As far as Worlds abroad, there’s no way I can afford airfare to Europe.


I’m on the fence . If I do go I’m most excited about buying from venders . I’ve never been to a contest , I hope CLYW and General-yo will have tables .


They didn’t last year. YYE,Duncan, Werrd,C3,Yomega,YYC were last years vendors. There are many trades and sales from individuals as well. If you do buy from the vendors wait until the last day when they drop the prices.


I am most likely going since I’ve missed it the past 3 years due to my middle school starting school earlier than most schools, but now that I am in high school I most likely will be there since it’s the last year here. God Bless - Moefv


I wish I was going. :’(

Worlds is on my birthday, so that’s another reason I want to go. :’(


I am pretty sure I am going this year. Sadly we will take a car rather than plane this time, because we will also be staying at a house my family has there for a few weeks.

I went in 2011 and Must say I was dissapointed. The only vendors were

YoYoGuy (Sorry to mention this store, but the website is so horribly set up and designed I would be scared to purchase from them, plus from visting the site once every few months, it appears they hardly have anything in stock at any given time)

Yoyojoker was there as well, but nothing to cheap (Under 150$). I was very impressed with yoyojam though, that year they had tons of new releases, and their table was beautiful.


I’m in the same boat here it starts on my 18th birthday so it would be great


No, Worlds is from August 8th-10th. Don’t want to show up at Rosen Plaza on the wrong day!


You misunderstood I am afraid. :wink:

(Owen) #19

Yeahhh, He meant that the 8th is his 18th birthday (Right?)


Oh, sorry. Lol. Hope you guys can come. I’m still trying to convince my mom!