Worlds 2012


When: August 2, 3, and 4
Place: Rosen Plaza (same as every year)


im definitely going probably buying some awesome code 1 with all the side effects


wait isnt that in florida??


Went last year (2011). Best time ever. Can’t wait for this year. It’ll be here sooner than you think!

(Big Mike) #5

I missed the last couple years, but I have every intention of being there in 2012.


I went in 2011 and my grandparents have an extra house we stay at in Florida so I will go every year it is in Florida till I die but I heard it might be in Prague 2013?!that would suck


What does Prague 2013 mean?


You know Prague? It might be there in 2013 instead of Orlando, Florida.


It can’t go to Prague! Although that would probably make for a shorter travel for the yoyoers from Japan.


Well, it would definitely be shorter for those from Europe!

I’m hoping it stays in Orlando because it would remain affordable for me to go annually so I can provide assistance for the production of the event.


Same for me. If it was in Prague I wouldn’t be able to go. It’s really nice and works out perfectly in Orlando anyways.


It shouldn’t be in Florida, Florida is horrible. It should be in Arizona, California, or Nevada. :smiley:


I’m going, and freakin’ excited.


No, it shouldn’t be in California. There’s CalStates, Nationals, BAC, SoCAL and other events, so I don’t think it’s fair to put too much in one location, regardless of how large Califorina is. Arizona is just too darn hot that time of year. I mean,in August, is it still 95 degrees in the shade at 5AM in the morning then?Plus, it’s cheaper in Florida, especially Orlando, which is pricing itself very competitive for tourism, corporate events, douchebag events(don’t get me started on timeshare crap, MLM’s and other questionable business) and is trying to attract more film and large scale sporting to the region. Of course, no matter where you put it, it’s going to have complainers. Most of the complaints are going to be costs of travel, accommodations, and distance to travel(which will be tied to the travel costs).

Really, it depends on how “globally organized” the yoyo community wants to be.

FIFA is an international organization, with rules governing play of “real football” and are responsible for many tournaments, including the one they are most famous for, the World Cup. At that level, we’re talking about filling 80K+ seat stadiums up to the MAX and still having a line around the stadium to get inside, with multiple stadiums daily filled like that, for around 2 weeks solid. We’re talking numbers easily in the tens of millions of tickets sold. Attendees of course are not going to be that high. But that’s just for the World Cup portion. This also happens at many of the qualifying matches and tournaments that happen with less fanfare that determine who goes to the World Cup. And then, they do this again for women, with pretty much the same results. 2-4 stadiums a day, 3 matches per stadium per day, 80K people in attendance at each of 12 games… 960,000 screaming fans or more a day. Times 14 days or more. What was the paid attendance numbers of World YoYo contest in 2011? 8000 people? 12,000 people?

Don’t even get me started on the Olympics. The degree of insanity is just as intense as World Cup, but with so many more things, it’s infinitely more complicated.

But, what I’m getting at is there would need to be an agreed upon charter and an agreed upon governing body for yoyo. There would need to be similar stuff going on to determine host cities. Granted, the bidding process would be far simpler and could be as simple as throwing darts at a dartboard to get started. Odd are it would probably be organizers of the bigger contests saying "hey, we can do the contest at this venue for X, production would be Y, and the following hotels will give us discounts of Z. Nearest airports and ports of entry for international flights are “these locations”, and then let the governing body determine where to spend the money.

It can be done. But right now, and yes, despite complaints from non North American participants, I have to take the position of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”


Greg has a contract with the rosen through 2015 I believe so it will be in Orlando till then.


A lot can happen in 3.5 years. That’s enough time to put infrastructure in place if so chosen. Or not. It will be interesting to see what happens, even if it’s nothing.

How was the humidity inside the facility? It can’t be too bad if players from around the world keep coming over and over. But, I have to wonder how long this contest has been going on? My reason for asking? Mostly out of curiosity. I see the web site goes back to 2000. 12 years is still a long time these days.


There is no humidity inside. It’s actually a great place with a nice temp.


I’m trying to convince my wife to let us go there for our vacation! ;D

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This is my first time registering for Worlds and I have a couple questions. I have been checking frequently and every time it says the site is “updating”. Is this normal? Does it happen every year? Should I just wait until the site is back up to register, or is there some other way? Also when should I register?
Please Reply.

  • Thanks!


I’m going.

I’m really hoping to meet some awesome people there.