worlds 2010


Hey anyone plan to go to worlds? I’m hoping to.


Well I am, since I live in Orlando


When is it?


August 12 to the 14 I think.

(JM) #5

I’ll be there.  I won’t be able to compete in AP like I wanted to, but I sure will be there.  Apetrunk is coming too, whether he knows it or not.  glares


Myself and my friend sam are definately going to be there! i might even buy a few new throws this time around.


Sweet! Im trying to make it there.


guys it’s February let’s not get to excited

(G5) #9



Me, mikeyrocks and another friend (I forget his username) are going. Room is already reserved :smiley:

(PutridNebula) #11

I will go so long as I have enough cash around that time, I just talked to the wife about it and she agrees, I think it would be awesome to meet so many of you.


(not to be rude) but how much does that hotell cost. I tried to look but I couldn’

t find out.


$101 a night


Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier so thanks nathan for answering. Also the 101 a night may seem steep but when I checked the rooms without the special discount they were from 349-500 a night so that’s a great deal. If you go to the worlds site under hotel info there should be a little box that says to book and how much yadda yadda. Unless of course they are all out of rooms.


i might go my parents say i have to go to regionals, nations and then worlds


i’ll be there. this will be my 7th year in a row. starting to feel kinda old

(Shisaki) #17

You forgot me :frowning:


About a 30% chance I will go.

(K.O.P.O.) #19

I might ;D

(Kyle V.) #20

Too late!

I’ll be there too! It’ll be the second contest I’ve ever gone to, and (hopefully) the first I ever compete in… though I’m just doing the Sports Ladder. Can’t wait to meet some people and yoyo in such a cool setting. :slight_smile: