so about worlds.....


alright so my parents are considering on taking the family to the world yoyo competition in Orlando FL. But we have a few questions about it

  1. are there any local hotels that wont be booked by that time?
  2. how much is admission? do you need to pay extra to compete?
  3. do you have to be experienced to go to this competition like won at any state competitions?
  4. is there anything special we need to bring other than yoyos stuff? expensive is it for a floor pass for the 3 day yoyo competition?

any help at all would be great and experienced people going there please help us out because we really don’t know what to expect. However we have been to Virginia’s contest but that’s it.


Here’s the website:
Fingers crossed so you can go!


Most of that can be answered by going to the website.

You don’t need any experience to attend and have fun. Competing in the sport ladder is open to everybody.

Hotels… I highly recommend booking the rosen plaza with the discounted worlds rate if you can. The event is open 24 hours a day, so being at the hotel is extremely convenient. You can always find a room nearby, however staying in that strip of hotels can be extremely expensive if you don’t book in advance, walk up rates can be twice as expensive.



I might have to hide in your trunk so I can go to worlds…


thanks! My parents are defiantly considering this road trip since my sister has bee dying to go Florida and we have never been there.

If that’s the case better Find space in my suitcase!


There’s a chance I might go for my birthday.


I would actually recommend staying at the rosen inn next door to the rosen plaza if you can.
When I stayed there, it was about half the price per night, offered free all you can eat buffet style breakfast, and was maybe a 2 minute walk to the plaza.


Last time I went it was 60$ per person for a 3 day floor pass. You need no experience, lots of people are just staying in the hotel and there to check it out. I highly suggest staying at the rosen plaza. Its $100 a night, which is very good for any hotel in orlando, its also pretty nice, and there is a small strip mall nearby. Its also nice to be able to go to and from the contest to your room as you please. I doubt your parents want to stay, so they can walk to the mall or catch a movie while you are there.


sounds like a plan, how big is your suitcase?


Seeing as worlds is right around the corner, prices won’t be cheap. If you registered 4 months, it would have been a lot less. It’ll probably be around $60-$70 per person for a floor pass and about $50 per division to compete (just guessing. That’s about what it was last year at this time).


Dang that expensive! I better save my money for a floor pass and competition fee (I am probably going to buy a floor pass though)


I’m going, so stoked!


I’m planning on going talked with a few of my friends and we all got those days cleared. Also what about yoyo stands are there usually special colorways and stuff that get sold at worlds (i really want something cool looking) or are there even stands/shops at all? And does anyone know about what the special worlds yoyo will be?

And when I checked the Rosen Plaza Hotel and Rosen Inn were sold out, does anyone know of any other nearby hotels off the top of there head


oh thanks because when we were looking at the rosen plaza it was really really expensive!


God. I am so jealous. We are out of town that week. Guess I’ll just wait for states.


Just don’t even go. Lol it won’t be in the US again for YEARS!


yup, precisely why I stayed there. :stuck_out_tongue: The only benefit to staying at the plaza vs the inn is that there will be a lot more yoyoers staying there, and it’s likely even less of a walk. If you for whatever reason can’t get a room at the inn, or they’ve gone up in price (I think I might have gone during some special they had) I’ve seen a lot of people splitting rooms, so it’s significantly cheaper. And since you won’t be in the room a majority of the trip anyway, it doesn’t really matter much.


Wait so the Rosens sold out :o


no I checked yesterday they still have some rooms at least the Rosen plaza does.


My parents were planning I bring me but school starts on the 7th…