09 worlds!


hey guys I’m going to the worlds in august and there’s a few thing i really need to know. So if you can please answer me. :slight_smile:
first of all if your going post a pic of yourself so we can meet up at the worlds :).
next i know its in orlando but what is the exact location and what hotel is like all the yoyoers staying in?

thanx and hope to see you all there xDDDDDD



On that site it says Rosen Plaza Hotel.


thanx man xD


Your welcome. :slight_smile:


ill be there, should be booking my flight sometime next week and i already have a room with some people. should be fun.


Yeow… Just got my flights!

seeyas there

(Jei Cheetah) #7

I will be there!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I hope all of you have lots of fun!


Meh, I took my flight for BAc. :slight_smile:


guys also when is luckys bbq? and can someone give me a ride?


Also most of the time instead of paying for a hotel. The yoyoers all stay in a house, The YoYO factory house. If you know Ben McPhee then ask him about staying.


I hope you do well.

You are awesome! One of my favorite throwers!


i so wish i lived in america! lol or at least i wish i could afford to fly out for worlds lol! one year il come over!


Im going to worlds because i live in florida so if you guys want to meet up ill see you there.

(Shisaki) #15

I’m flying across aremica to go to worlds ;D


My parents won’t. They can’t even drive me to Florence for the Z-Games.

(Derek) #17

I wish I was going. If its ever closer to me I would definately go!


Oh my god I want to be there. :’(

(Shisaki) #19

Got some questions.

  1. When you get a all events pass is the T-shirt free?

  2. Anyone know what companies are normally there that sell yoyos?

  3. Do they tell you what the Special Edition yoyo is?

  1. Yes, but you can pay for extras.

  2. YoYoFactory, YoYoguy, YoYo Jam, Duncan

  3. No, we cant tell you, but this years one…I am excited for.