Hey, just wondering…
about how much would air fair (from california), a hotel, admission, and all that good stuff be for worlds?
I’m trying to talk my mom into letting me go, and she wanted to know about how much it would be.

Well it depends on what flight you want, what hotel, etc.

Where is worlds?

Rozen Plaza hotel in Orlando, Florida.

and I dunno, I just want the cheapest flight I can get, and a not too expensive hotel. like cheap, but not super 8 motel cheap. lol

We aren’t the people to ask. Go around on some travel websites, do some research on the area, and see what you can find.

alright. will do. was just wondering if anyone else was going and had a round estimate of how much it would be.

If you’re going to stay at a different hotel than the rosen, Its not worth the air fare. The ticket from California cost me around 400. The rosen isn’t cheap to stay at but the extra cash is worth it if you want to enjoy worlds.

Also, many yoyoers will cram 6 or 7 into a room. So, maybe check with any yoyoer buds you have

Just wondering, what’s the charge for admission if you’re not competing? Like, just to spectate?

Right now it’s $45 for the event pass plus whatever extras you want to buy.

Yeah, I did some research at the official site. 104 a night doesn’t sound too bad considering I’d be staying at the event site. and it’s a pretty nice place it looks.
and admission is $45, $110 if you want the SE yoyo, and $135 if you want the yoyo and a ticket to the BBQ at that yoyo collector guy’s house.

I want to go but the ticket to get in are expensive… I feel bad not going and only being an hour drive away…

If you can drive and live an hour away, its worth it. You don’t even need to stay at the hotel or anything, just go on Saturday to watch the 1A finals A one day ticket costs about 20.

After flight (both ways) + decent hotel (1 night?) + ticket + food, you could probably go with a rough estimate of about $500. But that’s obviously not a solid number. The flight will easily be single largest expense on the list, so if you can find yourself a cheap flight, that would definitely help your cause.

also, how long do you want to stay? Did you want to arrive the day before worlds and leave the day after? If so, that would be like 4 nights, which would significantly raise the price of the hotel fare.

I went on the site and it says if I would have to pay $55.00 per ticket… And that’s if I preregister, it said it would be $65.00 if I pay at the doors… I don’t think my parent’s will go for that… I sure hope that’s competing prices but I don’t think they are. =C

55 is for a 3 day pass. you can get a one day pass for about 20.

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Thanks for the info I will most likely go then! C=

To all those people who have been to rozenplaza, how’s the hotel?

Hotel is comfortable, cleaner are good.

Food is decent (having been in the full restaurant though, there are litterally dozens of places to eat within 5 mins walk.)

The foyer is inviting and open, plenty of room for yoyo players.

We have a pretty good reign when we are there, we dont play yoyo in crowded non yoyo area’s, but everything is very well spaced that its not an issue to keep away from other holiday makers, yet be able to show them what yoyoing is all about.

It will be my 3rd year this year! Can’t wait!