World yoyo contest 2014 in PRAGUE! - info thread - Schedule, wildcard, page 3.

(BĂ­na) #1

Hi, webpage for world yoyo contest 2014 is up! Registration will be open shortly.

So who is coming? :slight_smile:

If you need any help or advice, you can contact me and I will try to help you.

PS: remember, in restaurants beer is here cheaper than water :slight_smile: And some other things to know about Czech


Great stuff. Glad to know everything is on schedule. I’d love to go, but I am an American who has never been to a contest, so that doesn’t sound like the best of things. It’s also too short of a notice to head over there. :smiley:

(Steve Brown) #3

It was announced at Worlds last August…that’s too short of notice? ::slight_smile:


No, I knew that. It’s too short of notice to bring it up to my parents now, who already have other plans this summer. :smiley:


Man it would be cool to got to Prague for the summer… But the airfare is bound to be expensive though but if I were to go it would be amazing!


Sadly, my skill level is way too low to compete.
So low, it wouldn’t be a wise choice to even go and watch. :stuck_out_tongue:

(BĂ­na) #7

Rules at WYYC will be very similiar to one used at EYYC

You can already check out how prelims will be scored, so you can have enough time to prepare.

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Registration pricing is online, registration will open soon.
Payment will be done through paypal, so you can use your paypal account or standard credit card.


That really is no reason not to go. It’s a great time watching and meeting players around the world. Heck, I stood in line for registration with Janos for three hours and I got to know him! Little did I know, he was about to win it all.

(BĂ­na) #10

WYYC will continue with tradition of woman category that Prague organizators started at EYYC. This will not be championship division and all women can also compete in all main divisions.


man! Now I want to go even more I had no idea there was a women’s division! More competitions need a women’s division…

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Registration open!!

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Most limited are spots for yoyocamp, just 37 left. I recommend you booking them asap, so you than can decide on exact traveling dates.

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Update about wildcard round - random music will be used for your 30 second routine.

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You still have 5 days to register with cheapest price, in june price will increase. There are also still available places for Yoyocamp!

Also first yoyo company sponsoring WYYC is YOYOFFICER :slight_smile:


What’s the point of women’s division?

(Steve Brown) #18

The point is to encourage more female players. There is debate about whether or not this is the best way to do that.


I’m all for diversity, but personally I feel like this kind of thing might encourage in small doses, but discourage in the long run.

I’d be just as opposed if there were a “Black division” or awards for “Best Asian player”

being a woman doesn’t put someone into a different skill category.

I realize also, that being a man, I’m not the most qualified to make that judgment call… but from my limited perspective, that’s how I see it.

It’s also encouraging to note from Steve’s comment that it’s not just a “given” that everyone accepts…


A female division seems counterproductive and a bit insulting… this isn’t track and field or some other sport where women have an actual physical disadvantage, there is absolutely no reason for a separation.

If you want more girls in yo-yos, figure out how to teach teenage boys to be less creepy/awkward around them… I don’t think there are any girls out there yoyoing who don’t compete just because they think that boys are inherently better at it than them.