What does the winner of worlds get?

(Shaneola) #1

What are the top prizes?

(DOGS) #2

all of the monies, babes, trophies, and yoyos.

(DOGS) #3

oh, and a Strobe-Light-and-Nerf-Sword-Fight party with all of your friends.


And three wishes. :wink:


LMFAO these guys are hilarious…

I wish i had three wishes…

sword fights would be awesome… a yoyo fight with the most expensive throw you have … even better

right on point ;D


And a NEW CAR!!! :-*

(Jei Cheetah) #7

And a decaf latte.


And a proyo.


and a pat on the back

seriously though, I think it’s like… $300 prize money? and a trophy. or something like that.




Bragging rights


Not nearly as much as they should.


A small trophy and some yoyos they already have or don’t want?


Amen to that.


Well, It’s been answered… SOOOOO, Maybe we could throw it in the unrelated section and have some fun with it :stuck_out_tongue: (I go next! The winner gets a chocolate bar!)


I forget what the numbers where, but the monetary award to me didn’t even seem to cover the cost of airfare.

This is not about money. It’s about pride, it’s about respect and it’s about bragging rights. But it’s also for the enjoyment of yoyo as a sport, a hobby and a community.

(Shaneola) #17

Alright thanks everyone. My dad asked me to write an essay for a college scholarship and I told him I was busy…(I was yoyoing) He asked what I was doing and I told him I was preparing for WYYC. I was obviously kidding. Then he asked what I got if I won (not like a would ever win, or even compete) but it had me wondering.

(Troy(oyo) #18

If I get the Nerf sword and strobe light party… I may consider dropping out of college to dedicate my life to WYYC… That is all I want in life then.


This last year cash prizes were:

1st - 600
2nd - 250
3rd - 150

2A to 5A:
1st - 300
2nd - 150
3rd - 100

I wish there was more too.


damn … who ever wins better have a real job LOL … but then again … i don’t think anyone gets into yo-yoing to make money. So unless you are a kid, I am sure the rest of us have real jobs. It would be cool to find out what everyone really does. I think I just know what Studio42 does thats about it … I should start a new thread in Unrelated about it…