money made

i was asked how much yoyoers made and was unable to respond so i just wanted to know how much they made or what they won.

Yeah, I have a ton of engraved yoyo’s and stands from way back when I competed. But I have never received any money. Not really any trophy’s either. Mostly little prize packs from what I remember…ya know, sticker’s, and strings, and stuff.

IMO yoyoing isnt suppose to be for money or fancy prizes
just madals and ocassinal trophies
you should ask andre he had competed a lot maybe he knows

Yeah right. At the MWR they had FH2s, Flying Pandas, Monkeys, and I think,
one or two Dave Schulte ITs and a Pyro. You can go to
and go to the prizes page to see what else they had.

Yoyos started off as a hobby or sport that is for FUN, Not for prizes or money. You compete and just get a good feeling of doing your best and meeting new people and new tricks. The money just came in possibly just to recognize the skill of a certain person.

This is what I believe

I agree-- but more importantly


Its not necessarily useless. The poster may find insight in the beliefs of other people. But, next time, I would list all the choices. Such as adding a “Neither” choice.

Actually, I believe at worlds there is a cash prize - Not sure though.

Also, Ethan Bein won a car from the F.A.S.T challenge.

It is useless in my eyes— The “Question” Is how much to they make

 The answers could be Cash or Prizes. But not in terms of cash or prizes. That is one whole question in a POLL. So I see it as useless.AND if it was ment to be a poll why would they ask it again in the text??

At CA states the winners got bags of yoyos plus accesories.

thanks guys i appreciate it.
i didnt mean fo rthis to be a useless pole. truth be told this was my first post and i didnt know what i was doing

I think they starting actual cash prizes this worlds…but im not sur…think i read it somewhere.

But also if they dont ge anything how do they afford to fly back and forth from diff states, countries and yadda yadda. Sponsorship pays or what?

Who is they?

Also, $25 or $50 (a usual amount for a prize) isn’t going to get you a plane ticket. The way players afford it is by saving.

the company that sponserd them pays for the flight or whatever to get there

“They” being the sponsors of worlds.

Also do their sponsors pay them?
ex. does yoyojam pay andre

I wouldn’t think so.

500 dollar cash prize for the winner at TN states this year

Depends totally on the sponsor. some sponsor’s only give their team yoyo’s and maybe shirts.

Also he never said anything about worlds. I think this was an in general question.
Cash prizes mostly rely on the organizer of the event. If that person can find sponsors to give cash for prizes then they do but, other than worlds, all contests give out yoyo’s and accessories for prizes. Most don’t give out triphies or medals.

These prizes are a part of advertising for the companies that sponsor an event.
I should know considering tha I am the organixer of Oklahoma States and South Central Regionals.
Contests would be nothing without awesome sponsors.

Check out and see how many sponsors I have for SCR. And there are more to come.

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