when you win in a yo-yo contest (PNWR, AP, Worlds etc.)

Is There A “Money” Prize For The Winners?
(I Mean 50$ for the first, $25 for the 2nd, like that!/…etc.)

Or Only A Medal or a Trophy.

Please Reply!

And Another Thing…

How To Join In A Team???

Like Team YYJ
Team YYF
Duncan Crew’s…

like that!


idk bout the prizes, but to join them i guess the team leaders have to find out about u, then they have to decide on if ur good enough or not. getting sponsered grants you 1 copy of all their yoyos, and you can try out new yoyos before they actually come out to test them.

It depends on the contest. Usually, you’ll win a bag full of yoyos and yoyo related items.

maybe i should try 2 get sponsered!

At PNWR there were cash prizes for 1st 2nd and third in 1A.

I got second in 3A and got a medal, 2 freehand zero, 2 pulses, a shirt, and a little russell looper.

Nice prizes.

I know the first place guys got some 1drop stuff.

Some contest you get trophies, some just a medal, some a bunch of yoyo stuff, it really depends on what contest you go to.

J. :slight_smile:

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Do you know about Nationals Josh?
since i’m curoius and you have competed there.
(and have placed in 3A I believe)

I think there was another post like this.

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Here it is.

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