i just want to know what kind of prizes you could get for winning a yoyo contest. (states, nats, regionals etc…)


Oftentimes, you get yoyos.


Money, yoyos, stickers, shirts, random yoyo things, random non-yoyo-things.


do proffesionals usually have another job??? or do they get contracts or are they just sponsered???


oooh good question! i want to know too!


They usually have other jobs, as most of them don’t get paid for what they do.


at BAC the prize for the Sport ladder is a medal or certificate and a prize bag of yoyo’s.
for the Novice Division is a medal and a bag of yo-yo’s.

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If you want to see better prizes, then support the AYYA. We are working toward a system to give substantial cash prizes, but we will never get to that point if the industry does not support us.


My friend won 1st in MA States Beginner. He got a new yoyo, money, and a $40 gift card to A2Z. Thats awesome!


are the prize yoyos like, lyn furies, or m1s? generally speaking


Depending on what Division you are in the prizes vary. Freestyle competitions have no skill division.

  1. Sports Ladder- Medal, Yo-yo (Depending what skill division), maybe cash.

Note: Yo-yo could sometimes be prototype!

  1. Freestyle- Medal, picture in the news, possible invitation on a team, yo-yos (possibly), cash, and sometimes the honorary red Duncan Jacket (BAC and Certain Contests only)

  2. F.A.S.T- Yo-yo, medal, chance to meet Yo-Hans (possibly, he invented the challenge)

Addment: All divisions include the honor of rubbing into your school’s face that you have accomplished something with yo-yoing

“What Now!”


money, prize, medals, trophy, and get sponsorship…

Happy Throwing! =]


Honor and bragging rights. The rest doesnt matter…well maybe money. ;D


dude, the posts are corrected up here. ^^^

Happy Throwing! =]

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Catching on? Hope all of you know that it’s not a “real” word. Well now you know.

And to get back on topic: Winning is a prize in itself, if I won any yoyo related contest, I would be extremely happy. Then again, I have no contests to go to.


You’re a member on Team YoyoExpert. YOur job is to spread yo-yoing. Turn those Rubix Guys into yo-yo guys.


I thought we didn’t have a Team YoYoExpert…hopefully, we can add more people to…uh…Team Forum eXpert?

Anyway, because there has been a yoyo boom at my school lately, I have been seeing less and less Rubix Cubes :smiley:


there is a huge rubix boom here too! and i see like a few little kids with yoyos and some trying to get serious


BAC only!


lol i remember when i could solve one of those irratating things in 20 seconds… last year…