Sport Ladder Prizes

I’m doing sport ladder at the IYYO this friday and I wanted to know if there are prizes for winning the sport ladder.

It’s probably different for each contest, but when I went to Texas States there were prizes for the top 3, so I would bet that there are going to br prizes at IYYO.

There probably are. All contests have different prizes, so it will differ. Not sure of the prizes, it doesn’t say on their site, but here’s the site.

Usually the top 3 or 2 in each age division gets a prize baggy. Then, in the all-around if you place top 3 you get another baggy.

Not the best prizes, I got a FHZ, HotShot, Fast201, 10 dollars to this yo-yo store place that sponsored, stickers, and a coolio patch.

i won ladder at iyyo last year. only the winners got prizes, but they were great: pgm, 2 ex’s, highlights, $25. pretty sweet digs for a ladder prize.

What’s an ex?

ex girlfriends :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding i bet raider ex

It all comes down to the organizer and the amount of prizes that the sponsors send.
At OK states it was top three in all divisions. Even the ladder.

At South Central Regionals it will be the same.

ON that note I want to thank for sponsoring SCR!!!

ok cool