Indiana State Yoyo Contest

I just got back from Indiana states a little while ago and it was GREAT. It was the first contest I’ve ever been to and it was really fun. I competed in the sport ladder and I got first. It was only out of 3 people but it was still really fun. For winning I got a bunch of stickers and some string, an Echo, a Maverick,… and a CODE 2!!! While I was there I also picked up a b-grade royale, an Indiana States Freehand, and another Echo (that was before I won one but this one is the pink version). Anyway it was realllly fun. Who else went and how do you think it was?

Definitely was a great contest - we had a blast!

It was awesome!

I loved it.I was glad to place third in 3a and 4a. :smiley:

wish i was there to get a ROYALE!!!

Oh yeah I remember you. You had an amazing comeback in your 4A freestyle. Nice job

Thank you ,I would never think I would place after I dropped all of my yoyos at least once.I was pretty shocked.

What did you win it? the Sport ladder? What is that?

Indy States is always soooooo good and this year was my favorite yet. Takeshi does an amazing job organizing the event each year and it just keeps getting better and better!

nevermind just looked it up :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job man! Those are some great prizes. excited to get this meet organized!

I met Andre. And all the Duncan players were really cool. I loved it!

Thanks! Pm me when you have something in mind about the meet.

My first contest too…i also got a bgrade royale