Best contest memory so far??????????


My best contest memory so far was in 2013 redondo yoyo contest when I won my first sport ladder contest. Not to mention it was my first contest but it was pretty cool knowing when went home that I actually was worth something at a contest. Soooooo what’s yours ??? ???



when i got 2 free yoyos at my first yoyo competition cause i was the only girl there…


Jack Ringca calling Steve from the stage after he won 5a at 2005 Nats. He was so happy.


I’ve never been to one :-\


I’m gonna dress up like a girl if I go to a contest. I’ll be like “hey guys im a guuuuuurl gamer thrower”.


Never been to one.

I know NYC has a yoyo club, but I’ve never been confident enough to participate. I’m confident with my skills, just not confident with my social skills, haha.

Otherwise I’ve never been good enough at anything to place in competition. I’ve entered a lot in my lifetime but usually come near last place.

One time I placed 3rd in a Nintendo (NES) tournament against 3000 other people, though. The prize was a lame 50 dollars, haha.


when i became the kansas state champion :o that was literally the best day of my life


Whaaaaaat, what’s your name?


When I got to hang out with Aaron Bendich at Yolextravaganza 2014. He was really cool and we practiced freestyles and stuff.


Sadly I haven’t gotten to go to a contest before. If I hear of any in PA or OH I might try and go.


My 2 favorite contest moments are Worlds 2013, and winning 2nd at Utah State. Those were both huge moments as both a spectator, and a competitor.



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Zammy ickler calling me up to stage with a towel in my hands. He stood there expectantly as I made by way up the stairs set in the middle of the Mall of America. His smooth, beautiful frame turned to me once more as he screamed"no I’m not ready! Towel boy!" My hands began to shake as I was now on stage, wiping the sweat from Zammy’s brow… And then he made it to finals. All because of me. His towel boy


Striking up a conversation with the nice gentleman sitting next to me at PNWR, 2011. I realized it was Zach Gormley’s dad when Zach walked off stage and sat down on the other side.

Very interesting fellow to talk with.



Both states have contests.
Hmmm… for me personally, I don’t know, probably NER 2012 just because i got to hang out with Ben Conde and he gave me a Go Big.


sry for the late response andy569, my name is Jacob Vaughn :stuck_out_tongue: