First contest? (ever competed in)

Yolextravaganza 2014 (placed 9th out of i don’t know how many people)

My first contest was the 2012 Northeast Regional Yoyo Contest. 6th (like wow) in 4a, thirty something in 1a.

2014 Utah states, 3rd place.

Havn’t yet, probably going to compete in AZ States this year :smiley:
Won’t even make it to finals though lol. I’m not very good…

Never had the opportunity… would love to one day! Not much here in CT lol

i won 2nd in a contest in nevada and i won a chico manimal

2014 Ga States (soon to happen) more than likely last.

YYE Throwdown. Got 7th out of 40

Where/How did you find your placement?

Also, I got like 70th at Cal States 2013. Nervousness kills hands like crazy -.-

YoDown Showdown (Farmington NM)

2x Advanced Division Champ

i asked someone

Hopefully I’ll see you there! My very first contest was AZ State 2012. I was so excited to see other yoyoers that me being there was more exciting than competing.

VA states 2013 that was a good year too i got 2 free yoyos at that competition…

GA States 2013
11th in prelims and 15th in finals (nervousness kills)

This year will be different! (hopefully)

2014 Utah State Contest! Well the intermediate division lol, got 2nd place :smiley:

Still haven’t there aren’t many contests in NY and when there is one its either far upstate or canceled

My first contest will be 2014 GA States. Been practicing. Can not wait.

You’re not the only one :wink:

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Participated in the advanced division at AZ states last year, technically got like 5th or something, I don’t even know. Hopefully will be able to make it down for it this year to participate in 1A. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst for my first freestyle lol.