the "what place i came in" thread

i got 2nd place in my school talent show, i also got 1st in a small competition in Nova Scotia

1st in school talent shoe, 1st in county talrent shoew

That must have been one talented shoe

Could it tie its own laces? I guess it had a lot of sole. GEt it? I bet it was Toe-riffic. Get it? Good thing you didn’t get DeFEETed. Get it?

i got first place in sport ladder at moyo this year

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I got 50th at Cal States in 2010 last year…I was 50th in the state in 2010… out of the 62 that entered…

I’m aways first with those that matter to me.
At MN States and also MWR one year I got 3rd in the ladder - out of 3 in my age group. :smiley:

I’m the #1 thrower in my town (helps to be the only one too)

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I am the true lord of yoyoing… no matter what those idiots at work say.

But I did win the school talent show!

first competition last week, 20th in triple crown ECC stop prelims

I got first in the JRC.

(Jacob’s Room Contest)

I got 1st in the TRC and am seeded in the Living Room Area Classic. I have some stiff competition out there.

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Too many to list but I will name the achievements I consider my greatest.

5th in 3A US Nationals 2006.
3rd 1A California State yoyo contest 2007
BAC 3A 2nd place 2008
PNWR 3A 2nd place 2009
BAC 4A 3rd place 2010
US Nationals 5A 7th 2010

1a, 21st 23rd at MA States 2010 (first contest; froze up)
Sport 1a, 2nd at NER 2010
Sport 1a, 2nd at NER 2011


1st Place ‘Pick Your Trick’ (ECC)
3rd Place ‘Amateur Freestyle’ (ECC)
3rd Place ‘Intermediate’ (NER)
3rd Place ‘Sports 1A’ (NER)

I guess that I am most proud that I competed in two contests, and have placed in every division that I have competed in.